Advanced FIT Intensive Training 2016 by Scott D Miller

| October 16, 2015

scott sRegister now for the second offering of the Advanced FIT Intensive Training in Chicago, Illinois (USA) from March 17th – March 19th 2016

This three day long intensive training will focus on skill development as participants will receive detailed information on:

• The empirical foundations of FIT (i.e., research supporting the common factors, outcome and alliance measures, and feedback)
• Alliance building skills that cut across different therapeutic orientations and diverse client populations
• How to use outcome management tools (including one or more of the following: ORS, SRS, CORE, and OQ 45) to inform and improve treatment
• How to determine your overall clinical success rates
• How to significantly improve your outcome and retention rate via feedback and deliberate practice
• How to use technology for support and improvement of the services you offer clients and payers

The training will be delivered by Scott D Miller, ICCE (International Center for Clinical Excellence) Director, along with Susanne Bargmann, psychologist and Senior Advisor to the Director of ICCE.

The I.C.C.E. is an international organization of clinicians, researchers, and technologists dedicated to delivering products and services that promote excellence in behavioural health services.

Scott D. Miller, Ph.D. is the founder of the ICCE. Dr. Miller conducts workshops and training in the United States and abroad, helping hundreds of agencies and organizations, both public and private, to achieve superior results. He is one of a handful of “invited faculty” whose work, thinking, and research is featured at the prestigious “Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference.” His humorous and engaging presentation style and command of the research literature consistently inspires practitioners, administrators, and policy makers to make effective changes in service delivery.

Click here to register for the training now

For more information on Feedback-Informed Treatment and MyOutcomes(R), a Web-based tool for online administration and reporting of data from the Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS), please visit our website

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