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| September 25, 2013
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I continue to receive inquiries on whether we can transfer data records from the program ASIST to MyOutcomes?

The answer is a resounding, “YES WE CAN…and we do!”

Why am I getting so many requests about data transfer from ASIST?

Maybe it's because ASIST users are thrilled with MyOutcomes' web-based platform and the full technical support provided.  This means that our clients have access to MyOutcomes anywhere there is an internet connection. Therapists working in multiple locations sign into the same program and have their complete client list with them no matter what location they are working out of.   No need to have in-house technical support to manage and update software such as ASIST, Access and Excel on all computers at all locations on a regular basis. Rather than requiring advanced computing skills and the use of macros, MyOutcomes is user-friendly, requiring only a basic understanding of computers.

What's more, MyOutcomes' Dashboard provides REAL TIME access to a client's progress across multiple programs and locations.  The client progress reports are produced with a click of a button and custom reports are generated simply through a report parameter form and then system generated! All reports are printed in a professional, easy to understand format.

Besides streamlining use and providing advanced graphing and reporting functions, MyOutcomes Version 11 also includes an updated Expected Treatment Response (previously referred to as the Projected Trajectory).Plus, MyOutcomes' NEW updated Expected Treatment Response, is equally accurate in projecting short term treatment response (1- 8 sessions) and long term treatment response (9 – 24 sessions)!

Other features our new clients get excited about…

  1. More intuitive and friendly user interface for all users
  2. Fully mobile accessible user interface for the iPad, iPhone, Android
  3. MAC friendly (no need to hold down ctrl button)
  4. Interactive Expected Treatment Response (ETR) Graphs
    • side-by-side session score comparisons
    • options to add multiple feedback source trajectories to client graph for comparison
    • group session and family counselling multi participant comparison graphs
  5. Mouse over descriptions of stats items on stats page
  6. Multi-select delete and transfer of supervisors, providers, groups and clients
  7. ORS/CORS and SRS/CSRS now available in 20 languages

Finally, MyOutcomes works with both Dr. Barry Duncan and Dr.Scott Miller and is supported by them!

If you are using ASIST and would like to compare it to MyOutcomes, give me a call and we can setup a product demonstration.  Everyone else is!

Contact Debra Lees, MyOutcomes Clinical Training Team, toll free @ 877-763-4779 or email at

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