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Better Results…with Scott D. Miller


Recently, therapist and researcher, Scott D. Miller, PhD sat down and shared his personal journey to attain better treatment results. At one point stating “…I wanted to help people. Throughout my training and now 30 plus years as a clinician, I’ve struggled with the deep sense of responsibility that accompanies that objective.” Can you relate? I know I can.

This interview was so informative and engaging, it is now being turned into an exclusive training event.

The Better Results series containing cutting edge research and practical, step by step instructions to help you:

  • have clients stay in therapy, rather than drop out
  • see outcomes improve, rather than having clients stay the same or worse, get worse
  • reduce complaints and provide supporting evidence of treatment effectiveness

For the next few days, the have made the entire series available for free. Watch the first video now and register to have the rest of the series delivered to your inbox. Each week, we will send you another video interview of Scott’s story, as he shares what he has learned about how to achieve better results. We will also be looking for your feedback and comments and offering some cool resources and perks along the way.

As your first added bonus, just for registering, you will have a 1-100 chance to win a copy of the much anticipated and soon to be released book: Better Results: Using Deliberate Practice to Improve Therapeutic Effectiveness.

Does Feedback-Informed Treatment Work?

The truth is, it depends.

First, it depends on what you mean by Feedback-Informed Treatment (FIT). If you think it means faithfully collecting session data your right, but if all you’re doing is collecting data you’re missing the point and your clients are missing the benefits.

Unfortunately just taking the time and resources to implement and routinely collect treatment progress and alliance ratings is so monumental for some that that is a far as it ever goes. And if the primary purpose of implementing FIT was to appease the regulatory and funding gods with outcome reports, then mission accomplished. End of story, except… you’re missing the point and your clients are missing the benefits.

If your goal is to improve outcomes, help clients get better faster and to know how to fail successfully then you and your Team are going to have to invest more time and effort than you planned for. YOU CAN NOT DOUBLE EFFECT SIZE IN A YEAR! If any one says you can, they are lying.

In the following free FIT implementation support resources created in 2016, Dr Scott Miller and I talk about a 5-7 year commitment, more recently based on the groundbreaking work of psychologist Heidi Brattland and her Team, the timeline has been reduced to 3 years and I am hopeful we can bring that down even more with adequate resources and careful planning. If you and your Team are thinking about implementing FIT or have tried and realize it is time to hit the restart button you will find this On Track Phase 1: Exploration video and workbook invaluable resources.

MyOutcomes also provides free 30 minute consultations with certified FIT practitioners. BOOK NOW

There is also an exceptional training opportunity coming up this summer, consider sending your Team to Chicago. These workshops are as transformative and challenging as they are fun and engaging. They sell out fast, so now is the time.


Measuring the Therapeutic Alliance just got easier

English, Spanish, French, Norwegian, Swedish & Danish versions of the appWith the release of  V19, MyOutcomes has vastly increased the capacity of the PCOMS Measures to serve as a helpful cross-cutting outcome and alliance measure in settings with people with lots of different problems or who are seeing lots of different professionals.

First, we have made it possible to edit, “The Therapist”s Approach is/is not a good fit for me” scale of the SRS, allowing it to be adapted to reflect a term more suited to your service setting. This feature is accessible under Options at the Owner level.

Second, is the new translations, 20 languages to choose from on the web app and now 10 on the mobile app! Allowing for administration of the ORS/CORS/SRS/CSRS & GSRS in English, Spanish, French, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, German, Italian and Chinese.

Plus, in MyOutcomes Mobile v6 we have moved beyond simply offering multiple translations of the PCOMS Measures, now Providers and Clients will be able to choose from English, Spanish, French, Norwegian, Swedish & Danish versions of the app. To change the language from the default English, in the upper-right corner on the app login screen is a cog icon that will open the list of languages to select from.

If you haven’t tried MyOutcomes v6, now is the time.

Use with up to five clients for free

ORS & SRS app

MyOutcomes Bells and Whistles

MyOutcomes Mobile $95 on App Store or Google Play,When people decide not to subscribe to MyOutcomes, often it’s because it’s too expensive or they don’t need all the bells and whistle‘s. 

We have created a solution. A standalone app you download from the App Store or Google Play. A simple step towards collecting client outcome and session rating results and using the realtime feedback, based on advanced behavioural algorithms, to inform and improve client care.

If you are one of the dedicated Professionals around the globe using paper and pencil to collect ORS and SRS results, and scoring with a ruler, and graphing, please put down your ruler and pick up this app. It will be so much easier and the results will predict and report treatment outcomes with a greater accuracy than a Reliable Change Index can provide. MyOutcomes Mobile has no bells and whistles, just good technology and proven science.

You can use with up to five clients for free.

The in app purchase is only $95/year.

The reason it is so much less than any other comparable tool available is because we have stripped it down to just the basics you really need to make this process simpler and more effective. With the in app purchase you won’t be able to login to the web based application, to use any of the Case Alert or Key Perform Indicators, but you will be able to report individual client outcomes. The good news is if you ever decide you feel too limited and want to aggregate data, give clients their own login credentials so they can use the app on their own device, or any of the other bells and whistles we have created, you can always upgrade to MyOutcomes Essentials, currently a monthly payment of $29.95, without worrying about losing your data or paying a transfer fee.

Most MyOutcomes subscribers opt for MyOutcomes Pro, as it includes all the functions available in MyOutcomes Essentials, plus, …bells and whistle‘s. One is the more valued is the ability at the Owner level to customize the appearance and reporting capabilities of the system. Among the new options in our latest release, is the ability to alter the Term “therapist” – We expect this to be a welcome option and are grateful that a rational to allow for customization to this term has been accepted. Now if therapist is not the professional designation you use, you can enter the term that is preferred, hit save, it will replace ‘therapist’ on the SRS script.

If you’re curious and love bells and whistles read our Guide to learn more: //

Check Options in MyOutcomes Pro

MyOutcomes Owner Options

Want to try out MyOutcomes Mobile for free?



The Era of Average is Over!

outcomes system softwareAn RCT reporting reliable and clinically significant change instills a high degree of confidence in the results. So why does strictly adhering to a manualized EBP, with multiple published RCT’s in top tier journals, often fail to translate into even noticeable improvements in clinical settings? Experience suggests that the real world is more heterogeneous than the world imagined by RCTs and it can be confusing and disappointing when individuals you are trying to help fail to benefit.

MyOutcomes® is a response to these findings, offering a way to identify when treatment is and is not working with an individual person. Back in 2007, when MyOutcomes first began offering the convenience of digital administration and reporting treatment outcomes, we used a set of mathematic equations that plotted the expected treatment response or ETR of a client based on their Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) score. At the time is was cutting edge, few people were even measuring outcomes let alone trying to provide benchmarks for guiding clinical practice. For the first time therapists and clients had a simple and feasible way to compare outcomes from session to session to the ETR benchmark.

Originally, the ETR plotted the average progress of all clients, since then we have upgraded several times, today offering equations that provide benchmarks for comparing individual progress to both successful and unsuccessful treatment episodes. In MyOutcomes modeling system, predictions are made at the individual level, versus feedback delivered in the form of an Average ETR, providing a far more accurate assessment of reliable and clinically significant change at the individual client level. If your clients are all average than by all means use a Reliable Change Index, if they are not and your EBP has let you down too many times, consider adding a patient-centred measure of treatment effectiveness like MyOutcomes. If you have already been using MyOutcomes and are ready to raise your effectiveness to the next level; Improve your ability to engage, retain, and help a more diverse clientele then consider joining me this March in Chicago for the Advanced FIT Intensive. It will help you develop and sustain a lifelong, professional development plan.

Collecting Client Feedback from Your Phone

MyOutcomes MobileTry our new MyOutcomes Mobile App, the perfect clinical tool to help you manage and support patient outcomes conveniently, securely.

MyOutcomes Mobile brings a truly native experience to your mobile device, supporting both Android and Apple iOS.

Every day, all over the world, providers of talk therapy services use MyOutcomes to measure session by session outcomes and easily identify when clients are not on track.

MyOutcomes Mobile is a powerful partner in the therapeutic process, allowing psychotherapists and their clients to complete and review standardized assessments anywhere, anytime.

What New?

– Add Client function has been linked to the provider dashboard.
Session Rating Scale can now be accessed from the Outcome Rating Scale results page.
– Interactive graph legend for custom views.
– No need to log in and out with 4 hour auto timeout feature.

Options to administer surveys:

-Offline mode.
-Children, teen and adult scales.
-Individual, couple and group therapy settings.
-7 languages: English, French, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish, German, Danish and Dutch.

Tracking client progress and treatment effect size has never been easier, more secure or more convenient.

Free Download

Don’t have a MyOutcomes Login? Contact to receive free access for one month.

Learn more about affordable monthly subscription options:

Advancing Outcome Informed Therapy – Reach your Pinnacle of Success

Outcome Informed Therapy

How to Reach your Pinnacle of Success in Therapy?

Should therapists continually seek training in order to be able to make any significant difference to their client's outcomes and reach their pinnacle of success as a therapist? What role do training and experience actually play in therapy?

Being a therapist is not easy! It involves years of hard work, perseverance, and diligence before someone becomes a behavioural health professional. So what is it in the profession that draws people towards it?

Research shows that most therapists get into the profession in order to help people. The pleasure and satisfaction they get from seeing their clients’ quality of life improve as they overcome their psychological problems gives their lives added meaning.

Research also shows that about 90% of the therapists consider themselves to be in the top 25% -which clearly cannot be true. How do therapists objectively rate themselves and what should they do to ensure that their clients experience positive change?

To find answers to these questions and achieve your career goal of improving as a therapist and helping more people, more often, watch MyOutcomes' video series with Kelly Ross. This six-part series includes:

  1. There is no such thing as a “Mental Health Holy Grail”
  2. An Eye-Opening Lesson on the Value of Training and Experience
  3. The Pinnacle of Therapists Development is Healing Involvement
  4. The Three Sources of Healing Involvement
  5. Therapists Need their Clients Help just as Clients need Theirs
  6. Track your Cumulative Career Development by Collecting Outcome Data.

For any additional information, feel free to contact us via the website or call us at Toll Free: 1-877-763-4775.

MyOutcomes Latest Innovations Revealed

MyOutcomes VersionFor more than a decade, MyOutcomes® has consistently proven itself to be the natural partner of agencies, organizations, and clinicians seeking to use client feedback to track and improve treatment outcomes. Taking the responsibility of this alliance seriously, MyOutcomes® has remained at the for the front of technological and scientific advancements by working closely with leaders in the field and remaining responsive to the needs of our international client base. Our latest upgrades to the MyOutcomes line included new reporting features and more customization options, as well as enhancements to our EHR integration capabilities.

Upgrades to MyOutcomes® v18 include:

Two Big Advances in Dashboard Reporting– First, Printable Dashboard Reports- Once the Dashboard Report Parameters are selected just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the new Printable Report View. Second, for even more granular analysis of Dashboard Reports, all reports can now be exported to Excel. Go to the Dashboard tab, for each of the 4 report tabs on the Dashboard page, you can generate a report with data. On the bottom of the page, you can click on the Export to Excel link. You will then get an excel file that contains raw results.

More Export Stats Fields– Quality Assurance Managers and Researchers will appreciate the new Export Stats data that can now be export as raw scores: Client ID creation Date, Last ORS score & Last ORS Date.

Read-Only Access is here!- The Read-Only Access for Administrators & Supervisors is available on both the Administrator Home Page and Supervisor Home Page. If the read-only access is enabled- when the read-only Administrators or Supervisors login, they can create clients, couples, feedback sources, supervisors, providers, and client groups. The read-only administrators and supervisors will be unable to update or delete clients, couples, feedback sources, supervisors or client groups. In addition, they will be unable to perform an ORS or SRS on any client, skip any session, or update past session scores.

Custom ORS Feedback– You now have the option to hide the Feedback results page and create a custom message on the results page. It is an Owner level tool available under Options. When you enable Custom ORS Feedback, a text field box will appear. You can enter the message you would like to appear as the results page.

New Couple Functions– We have made it possible to separate the couple and do individual counselling. These functions also allow you to deactivate and reactivate individual couple members.

Transferring clients to a GSRS group just got easier– First create a Client Group and mark it as a GSRS group. Then, transfer a client whose survey type is set to Adult- to that new GSRS group. The client's survey type will be changed to Group automatically.

Hide “Remember Email” on Give Access- To hide the Give Access option to remember clients email, a new Owner tool has been added to Options. Simply click to enable Hide Remember Email on Give Access.

Hide SRS– Another new tool under Owner Options. You can chose to only administer the ORS. Just enable Hide SRS.

Latest Updates to MyOutcomes® Mobile include:

Forgot Password and User ID– Now you and your clients will be able to access Forgot Password and User ID from the MyOutcomes Mobile login page.

Skip Function is Here! The Skip Function has been added to the Home Page. Click on the button below the Skip tab. It will direct you to a page on Skipping a Session. You can choose to Skip ORS, Skip Both ORS and SRS, or Delete Last Session. The Lock ORS/SRS function only applies to the ‘Update Past Session” area of the site. It prevents providers from updating or skipping past sessions. It does not lock delete past session or login information.

Seven Languages– MyOutcomes Mobile now supports English, Spanish, French, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Chinese, and Italian languages.

What's New in MyOutcomes Web Services Version 18:

For more comprehensive data retrieval from MyOutcomes® to other systems, we have expanded our existing data pull functions to include:

Get Client Session Data– This function takes the user id as input and returns all client session data including total ORS and SRS scores, any data projection points plus all 4 ORS subscales and all 4 SRS subscale scores available under a given user id.

Get Client Session Data By Date– This function takes the start date, end date and user id as inputs and returns all client session data including total ORS and SRS scores, data projection points plus ORS/SRS subscale scores, available under that user id.

Get All Client Data– Like the existing GetClientData function – this new function will allow you to retrieve all ORS/SRS session data for a single client without having to supply a session number.

With its proven reliability and ease of use, it's no wonder that MyOutcomes®' web-based version of the Outcome Rating Scale and Session Rating Scale is emerging as today's must-have for providers of evidence-based mental and behavioral health services.

To learn more about the benefits MyOutcomes subscribers receive you can read the V18 User Guide, sign up for an Evaluation Account or book your free 30-minute Implementation Consultation now.



What is FIT Deliberate Practice and Why Should You Apply it to Your Therapeutic Practice?

FIT Deliberate Practice Dr. K. Anders Ericsson (1993) described Deliberate Practice as “activities that have been found most effective in improving performance.”

According to Dr. Scott Miller, Founder and Director of the International Center for Clinical Excellence (ICCE), FIT Deliberate Practice is the key to improving effectiveness as a psychotherapist. The factor that separates the best from the rest is not just the amount of time spent practicing, and not just any kind of practice, Deliberate Practice.

FIT Deliberate Practice is a planned, conscious effort aimed at making small, continuous, and measurable improvement in one's level of therapeutic performance. The MyOutcomes role in Deliberate Practice is to simplify and augment the monitoring of performance and the outcomes of therapeutic practice.

MyOutcomes helps establish a baseline of performance and monitoring MyOutcomes data regularly provides immediate feedback on the impact of FIT Deliberate Practice as well.

Why should you employ FIT Deliberate Practice in your therapeutic practice to improve your performance?

  • FIT Deliberate Practice applies the science of expertise to the field of mental health.

It is derived from up-to date research and publication and contains cutting edge information concerning outcomes in talk therapy and behavioral health services.

  • FIT Deliberate Practice provides a roadmap for addressing a fundamental issue in mental health “How to improve” by helping you develop an individualized plan to raise effectiveness and improve client engagement and retention.

How does FIT Deliberate Practice eLearning help you accomplish your therapeutic goals?

  • FIT Deliberate Practice eLearning is flexible as it allows you to complete each one-hour lesson when you want at anytime, whenever is convenient for you to develop excellence in your practice.
  • Each session takes about an hour, allowing you to complete the sessions during your workday for easy access.
  • FIT Deliberate Practice eLearning includes courses, demonstrations, exercises, and quizzes to develop your therapeutic goals and to develop your overall performance as a therapist.

For more information on incorporating FIT Deliberate Practice into your professional development please check out

Which is More Expensive Cloud or On-Premise Purchased CRM

MyOutcomes: HIPAA compliant feedback system

MyOutcomes: cloud-based HIPAA compliant feedback system

….another reason why you should go with MyOutcomes.

Are you sold on the benefits of evidence-based treatment but are not sure whether to go with the conventional pen and paper forms or with the new generation online tools? And in case you are going for an online version, then which tool should you go with? Are you debating on whether to design your tool in-house or go with a SaaS (Software as a Service) provider?

Here is an attempt to quell all your doubts.

First things first, here are some of the main advantages an online evidence-based tool provides:

  • automation of the Partners for Change Outcomes Management System
  • simplified administration and scoring, eliminating papers and rulers
  • detailed reports and instant analysis of client's responses
  • at a glance identification of at risk cases

The answer to the second one is much easier as there is not much choice there. There are only two tools that have been placed on SAMHSA's National Registry of Evidence-based Practices and Programs (NREPP) and they are MyOutcomes and the OQ Analyst.  OQ Analyst is much lengthier ( 45 times) and is administered at the beginning of the therapeutic session whereas MyOutcomes consists of two ultra-brief measures comprising of four items each that are administered at the beginning and the end of each therapeutic session. In the time it takes for the average person to inhale and exhale twelve times, the therapist can administer either the ORS or SRS and have their client's score plotted on a graph for immediate integration into the therapeutic session.

Then there is this third option as well of designing your own online feedback tool in-house. Businesses think that it is better to have their own software, especially the ones used for housing client's data. They do it for multiple reasons among which the top ones are cost and security. But it has been substantiated in a study done by Yankee Group TCO that on-premise systems were shown to be more expensive to operate annually than their cloud-based counterparts, with the overall cost 60% higher on an annual basis.

Moreover, expertise wise as well, it is often better to go with someone who specializes in just creating the software so that you can focus on the core specialty of your business!

And with all the legislation and rules applicable for companies handling the client data, a cloud-based system is actually more secure than any server-based or paper system. In addition, these cloud-based systems comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and its sophisticated encryption requirements.

A cloud-based system also allows you to function efficiently from any device that has an internet connection, anywhere in the world. This feature is of much use for mental health practitioners as they need to use Personal Health Information to track and improve treatment outcomes and to compare client outcomes to normative standards.

So if you are ready to go the evidence-based way, then MyOutcomes is the cloud-based HIPAA compliant feedback system for you.

For more information, please visit or call us on toll-free 1-877-763-4775.

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