Better to Swim With MyOutcomes® Than to Swim With The Sharks

| May 20, 2016

myoutcomesMany people believe that sharks need to keep moving in order to stay alive. For most sharks, this is not true. In fact, some recent observations indicate that it may not be true for any sharks. Sharks, it seems, are able to remain in one spot for extended periods of time without dying from the lack of oxygen. Food, on the other hand, may be a different matter.

In the world of business and mental health, there are professionals who remain in one spot, never growing, falling behind, dragging their customers and clients down to the bottom of the sea with them. Then there are those who are always moving forward, listening and responding to their customers and clients. These are the innovators, the ones who grow and help their customers and clients grow. In the area of evidence-based therapy, specifically feedback-informed therapy, there is really only one shining example of a company that is dynamic and responsive to its clients' needs. MyOutcomes® is a true innovator, the gold standard, the one the rest of the herds, when they aren't resting on the ocean floor, try to mimic.

In keeping with its philosophy of growth and client-oriented responsiveness, MyOutcomes® has some exciting new features that are targeted to be included in the Version 15 Spring Release. These features include:

  • To enhance the user's ability to customize, MyOutcomes® will retain the number of clients chosen to be viewed on the Provider's Home Screen. This will help providers to have the data for each day's clients readily available. As this function uses cookies, it will be limited to the computer on which it was set up by the provider.
  • The Aggregate Stats will now be able to be broken down as a function of whether clients are feedback sources, children, adolescents or adults. This is a great feature for both individual therapists and agencies, who cater to multiple client types, to tease out and review the progress of these different groups.
  • To simplify the deactivation process, the “Did Client Reach/Exceed Predicted Score?” option will no longer need to be answered when deactivating a client.
  • The use of underscores will no longer be allowed when creating or modifying client names.
  • It will now be easy to switch between the SRS (Session Rating Scale) and the GSRS (Group Session Rating Scale) for those clients who are participating concurrently in group and individual counseling.
  • To simplify reviewing important data, e.g. change notes, scores, skips, deactivate, reactivate, for a client at any point in therapy, simply move the mouse/cursor over any session date.
  • MyOutcomes® Mobile, available on iTunes and Google Play, will now have available the option to save the username and password. This will be available on the MyOutcomes® UK versions as well.
  • Currently, the calculation of the Relative Effect Size has involved rounding up, which has resulted in a more conservative metric. The downside of using this more conservative process is that change/improvement in a client may not be seen as easily. In agencies, this may result in providers receiving less than satisfactory reviews. To address this issue, MyOutcomes® will no longer round up when calculating the Relative Effect Size, thereby enhancing users' appreciation of how sensitive MyOutcomes is to measuring change.

Although these changes, taken individually, are not major, together they represent MyOutcomes' commitment to providing a powerful, easy-to-use, and easy-to-understand web-based platform for using PCOMS (Partners for Change Outcome Management System). As always, MyOutcomes is on the move and has taken the lead to respond to customer's needs in using the SRS and the ORS (Outcome Rating Scale) by providing a state-of-the-art product that can not be found anywhere else. When it comes to any product other than MyOutcomes, remember, if you swim with the sharks, you may eventually find yourself drowning.

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