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Feedback-Informed Treatment, explained by Scott D. Miller in under five minutes

FIT eLeaning

Did you know that clinicians who routinely obtain feedback on the progress and the status of the relationship with their individual clients have outcomes that are much better, and dropout rates that are much less, that Treatment As Usual (TAU)? In fact, numerous studies actually confirm this. In the research literature that process is known as Feedback-Informed Treatment (FIT). Scott D. Miller, PhD, is one of the pioneering scientists behind the FIT movement. He and I recently worked together to create this brief video to explain what FIT is and how developing a culture of feedback and incorporating the Outcome and Session Rating Scales (ORS & SRS) into your clinical practice can improve your treatment outcomes.

Feedback-Informed Treatment, explained by Scott D. Miller in under five minutes.


Interested in learning Feedback-Informed Treatment Best Practices from Scott D. Miller?

Whether you’re an individual practitioner or part of a larger organization, FIT eLearning is designed to help you develop a culture of feedback and incorporates the Outcome and Session Rating Scales (ORS & SRS) into your clinical practice.

FIT eLearning is based on the most up-to-date research in talk therapy and behavioural health sciences.

FIT eLeaning

MyOutcomes® FIT eLearning program is centered on the four core competencies developed by Dr. Scott D. Miller and colleagues at the International Center for Clinical Excellence (ICCE)



Engage your website visitors immediately before they disappear! – Therapist Marketing Tip #3

webdesign, therapist marketingAfter describing how most visitors scan websites according to an “F” pattern, Therapist Marketing Tip #2 recommended taking advantage of this well-established behavior in the design and layout of your site.

Does your current homepage defy or fail to capitalize on the “F” pattern? Are you considering a redesign as a result?

If the answer is “yes,” proceed carefully. Don't do anything until you've obtained additional feedback on your online presence as it now stands. A website may not follow all the design “rules” yet still be highly effective. If — after careful review, including taking into account other people's feedback — you still want to look at site alterations, here are some important considerations you should keep in mind.

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MyOutcomes’ Apt App

outcomes system software

“MyOutcomes’ apt app can be easily downloaded onto any number of electronic devices a client might use”

It is my recollection that when the first computers began appearing in the business world and the health professions, they were promoted as reducing paperwork and saving time. Of course, they really did neither. Software tended to be complicated and time consuming. Hard copies were printed for use or as backups. Plus it was easier to read the hard copies than the electronic versions. But, the world changes and,along with it, so does technology.

With such things as better monitors and video cards, we have been able to adapt to spending our time reading documents on a screen, rather than in a printed manual, journal, or newspaper. The Cloud has provided a safe and secure way of storing our data, thereby reducing the need for printing out hard copies. And, of course, email has dramatically cut into the raison d’etre for the postal services. There has been one possible holdout…the jury is out as to whether this technology actually saves time.

MyOutcomes, the web-based application for the Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS), has long established itself as the ideal clinical tool that reduces paperwork. Although users can easily print out hard copies of each client's data, users can just as easily and rapidly access that same data electronically via the internet for viewing on a variety of devices.

Now, in keeping with its goal at staying at the forefront of integrating modern technology with modern psychotherapeutic best-practices, MyOutcomes is fulfilling the promise of the computer age to save time…that ephemeral substance that seems to disappear far too rapidly. Time is important to the therapist and the client. Every minute is valuable. It is understandable that therapists are jealous of the time they have to spend with their clients. It is also understandable that therapists are reluctant to give up any of those minutes to something that doesn't seem to be directly related to what is viewed as the traditional therapeutic process.

Of course, it has been well established that MyOutcomes®, with its SRS (Session Rating Scale) software and its ORS (Outcome Rating Scale) software, plays a central role in successfully achieving therapeutic goals when meaningful use of the data is achieved. Furthermore, the ORS and SRS each take less than a minute to administer and score. That translates to a lot of therapeutic power for a very small investment of time.

Now, MyOutcomes introduces a new way for the therapist to recover even that administrative time, while making that administration easier. The MyOutcomes mobile or web app can be easily downloaded onto any number of electronic devices a client might use. The therapist can then provide the client with an access ID and password to MyOutcomes so that they can take, say, the ORS prior to arriving for their appointment.

myoutcomes evidence based therapy

It's really very simple. The client needs to download the free MyOutcomes app from iTunes or Google Play onto their smartphone or tablet. Once the client is set up, the therapist goes to their MyOutcomes Provider page. In the column headed “Action,” there is a link titled “Give Access.” The therapist selects the client they wish to provide access to and clicks on that link. A temporary (24 hrs) password will be generated. The therapist needs to communicate this password and the clients ID to the client (security tip-if the therapist plans to communicate by email and is not yet using a secure email application then for security purposes the clients User ID and temporary password should be shared in separate emails.

The client will open the app on their device, then select whether they are a client based in the U.S., Canada, or International, enter the ID and password in the appropriate fields and click the login button. Then, the client will see a field for them to take the appropriate scale (ORS/CORS/SRS/CRSR/GSRS). When they click on the take button, they will see the same instructions that are provided when the scale is administered on a computer. At the top of the screen are navigational arrows to move backward and forward between the pages. Moving forward through the next four pages will take the client through each of the sub-measures. After finishing scoring the sub-measures, the client will come to a page summarizing their input. The client has the option of making adjustments before hitting the “Submit” arrow at the top of the screen. The next two pages will show the expected treatment response graph and the related feedback messages, respectively. That's it! As soon as the client has completed the scale, the therapist will be able to see the results on their own device.

In today's technological world, there are many apps available. They are available for play. They are available for work. They are available for health. Many of the apps for health, promise so much and do so little. There are apps that do a lot, but they cost a lot. The MyOutcomes app, on the other hand, delivers the power and promise of MyOutcomes and, just as importantly, it is free.

To know more about this latest app or to know about how MyOutcomes can help you achieve effectiveness in therapy, contact us toll free on 1-877-763-4775 or visit