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| March 20, 2013
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The CelestHealth System (CHS-MH) is a smaller version of COMPASS, a large scale, clinical therapy assessment tool developed approximately 30 years ago

The CHS-MH is comprised of four subscales: the Behavioural Health Measure-20 has twenty items that measure well-being, social functioning and psychological symptoms; the Behavioural Health Measure-43 that uses forty-three items to measure less frequently measured psychological symptoms; the Psychotherapy Readiness Scale that identifies risk to respond poorly to psychotherapy; and Therapeutic Bond Scale that investigates the bond between the clinician and the client. Given that the CHS-MH can take at least six minutes to complete, it is generally administered in the waiting room prior to the therapeutic session. It is designed for adults, 18 years or older, with average or higher intelligence.

Responding to clinical trends demanding tools with proven clinical efficacy, MyOutcomes' Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) and Session Rating Scale (SRS) have repeatedly been demonstrated to be both reliable and valid. Furthermore, MyOutcomes' tools have been shown to reduce by one-third to one-half the deterioration rates and dropout rates of more difficult cases. Given the conceptually simple design of the ORS and SRS, they both take less than a minute to complete and can be used with children, adolescences and adults as well as gather input from caregivers.

Given its ease and speed of use, the ORS can be administered at the beginning of each session. Since the ORS measures well-being, social functioning and interpersonal relationships, the results can be quickly and readily integrated into the current session, allowing the therapist to immediately tweak the therapeutic process, if need be. The SRS has an ease and speed of use equal to that of the ORS and can be administered at the end of each session. Providing information about the client's current perceptions of the therapeutic process and the relationship between the therapist and client, the therapist can immediately address any concerns regarding the therapist-client relationship, which has been demonstrated to be a critical factor in achieving successful outcomes in therapy.

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