Does Your Website's Content Showcase What Makes You Unique?

| March 21, 2013
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The therapist's website is now a key point of contact and information sharing with potential clients. Make sure the message on your website is drawing them to you. Effective marketing today is about telling stories people want to hear, adding value through information sharing, and showcasing what makes your service unique. Does your site's content showcase what makes your practice unique? For instance, do you use MyOutcomes in your practice? If so, then detailing its benefits would help set you apart from other therapists in the eyes of prospective clients.

Here's how one therapist's website capitalizes on their use of MyOutcomes: “Now there's evidence that therapy will work, thanks to a revolutionary new approach. This approach — Feedback Improved Therapy — has been clinically proven to double and even triple the effectiveness of therapy. It does so by measuring the strength of the relationship between client and therapist and measuring outcomes through a simple, user-friendly process.” Check out Dr. Jason Seidel's website

On his home page you will see that he immediately draws attention to tracking therapy effectiveness within his practice as a means to differentiate his practice from all others. He states, “The method I use to track effectiveness (called “client-directed, outcome-informed” therapy) is based on what makes effective therapy most effective, and has been designated a Best Practice in the State of Arizona, and in a growing number of agencies worldwide.” The next tab or topic highlighted on his website is “Effectiveness”. Click on this tab and he shares information and some graphs showing his therapy effectiveness compared to research about the average therapist’s effectiveness. You'll be impressed!

Try viewing your front page from a potential client's perspective. Does your front page address the concerns of someone visiting your site looking for help? Generally people go to a counselling site because they are in pain and need help. Can they find how effective your therapy is in the first few seconds? If they do not they will quickly move on. Have you advertised your use of MyOutcomes' client-directed, outcome-informed therapy on your website? I would love to hear from those that have and how this has impacted the number of leads you receive from your website, email me at

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Next week we'll discuss the benefits of MyOutcomes' automation of the PCOMS approach versus using the paper and pencil version.

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