Feedback in Therapy and Technology

| July 1, 2013
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With the advent of new technology and web-enabled devices like smart phones, iPads, tablets etc. the way we do things and store data has drastically changed. Healthcare in general and behavioral healthcare per se is also keeping up with this trend with more and more practitioners preferring electronic records over paper. The benefits are galore with the biggest one being stated as the improvement in quality of healthcare provided due to the ready availability of information wherever and whenever. Some of the other benefits of maintaining electronic records are:

–          Increase in patient participation

–          Quick and easy retrieval of information

–          Better coordination between various healthcare providers

–          Increase in efficiency

–          Reduction in storage space requirement

–          Cost savings in the long run

As part of its partnership with practitioners and with the aim of improving outcomes, MyOutcomes, a web-based tool for measuring feedback in therapy, provides an ease of access for its users that is unparalleled. The staff at MyOutcomes takes this partnership seriously and is, therefore, committed to keeping at the forefront of technology. The newly launched version 11 is browser-friendly and multi-platform compatible. It has been optimized for iPad and android tablets and supports Internet explorer 9 and 10, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari's latest versions. Not only practitioners, but even patients love completing the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) and Session Rating Scale (SRS) on the electronic device.

MyOutcomes' Vice-President, Cindy Hansen, introduces the many new platforms that are compatible with MyOutcomes

For more information contact MyOutcomes on (250) 763-4775 or 1 877 763-4775 (international toll-free)

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