Feedback-Informed Treatment: A New Meta-Analysis

| April 24, 2012

Feedback Informed Treatment Meta AnalysisScott Miller had an excellent article on his Top Performance Blog where he discusses the meta-analysis completed by Michael Lambert and Kenichi Shimokawa on Feedback-Informed Treatment (FIT) which will appear in the second edition of his book, Psychotherapy Relationships that Work (Oxford University Press).

He points out these important results: In reviewing studies specific to the ORS and SRS, the authors conclude, “the results indicated that those in the feedback group ha[ve] 3.5 times higher odds of experiencing reliable change while having less than half the odds of experiencing deterioration.”  Additionally, Lambert and Shimokawa report few if any meaningful differences between therapies informed by the ORS and SRS and those using the well-established and widely used Outcome Questionnaire (OQ).   Finally, and importantly, the authors note that in “busy practices…the brevity of the [ORS and SRS]…expedite and ease practical difficulties” thereby decreasing barriers to implementation.

MyOutcomes and feedback-informed treatment

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MyOutcomes provides secure, ultra-brief solutions to meet the increasing demands of funding sources and regulatory bodies for valid and reliable outcome report measures suitable for adults and children.

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