Feedback Informed Treatment Webinar Series- Fall 2015

| September 11, 2015
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As you’re no doubt aware, clinicians around the world are being asked to collect and report treatment outcomes. Outcome measurement is becoming an integral part of healthcare reform and, in many instances, required for reimbursement.


The Webinar will include:

  • The Empirical Basis for Feedback Informed Treatment
  • Basics of Outcome and Alliance Measurement
  • Integrating Feedback into Practice & Creating a Culture of Feedback
  • Understanding Outcome and Alliance Data

Feedback Informed Treatment Webinar Series Fall 2015

These four one-hour webinars starting October 5th are specifically tailored to ensure you become proficient in implementing Feedback Informed Treatment in your practice.

Maybe you’re already required to use outcome measures with your clients or, like many clinicians I meet in my travels around the world, you expect to have to do so soon. In either case, Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT), using the ORS and SRS measures, is a simple and quick, SAMHSA-approved evidence-based practice for measuring the quality and outcome of behavioral health and social care services. Multiple randomized clinical trials show the process actually improves effectiveness while simultaneously decreasing drop-out and deterioration rates.


Scott D Miller, MyOutcomes, Feedback Informed Treatment Webinar Series Fall 2015

Scott D. Miller Ph.D.

Scott conducts workshops and training in the United States and abroad, helping hundreds of agencies and organizations, both public and private. He is one of a handful of “invited faculty” whose work, thinking, and research is featured at the prestigious â€œEvolution of Psychotherapy Conference.” His humorous and engaging presentation style and command of the research literature consistently inspires practitioners, administrators, and policy makers to make effective changes in service delivery.

Cynthia, Feedback Informed Treatment Webinar Series Fall 2015, MyOutcomes

Cynthia Maeschalck, MA, CCC

Cynthia Maeschalck, MA CCC is the Community Manager and a faculty member of the International Center for Clinical Excellence (ICCE), dedicated to developing curriculum and facilitating training events. She has written several articles about FIT, helped to develop the ICCE Core Competencies and is co-author of 3 of the 6 ICCE FIT manuals.


Feedback Informed Treatment Webinar Series Fall 2015

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