Feedback Messages and the Math Behind Them

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We can all agree that getting feedback from time to time is necessary for improvement and for knowing that we are on the right course. To this effect MyOutcomes' new tool has feedback messages, a clinically savvy message system based on change since the last session and also since the therapy began.

Here is how it is calculated:

Each intake score has an Expected Treatment Response (ETR) which is the average trajectory of everyone on the MyOutcomes’ database that entered with the same intake score or plus or minus 1. This is also what the clinician should expect this client to achieve or respond to the treatment similarly and hence the term Expected Treatment Response. It is great if they achieve more but if it is less, then the behavioural health practitioner would want to know about it. This ETR also predicts the score to reach at the end of each session based on previous averages so that we can look at the percentage of expected change that the client has reached as compared to what he should have reached. This can be clubbed with clinician's skill and good clinical sense to come up with appropriate course of the treatment in case the deviation is much below the ETR line.

As long as the patient shows a good expected treatment response (ETR), they are considered to be in the good category.

See Dr. Barry Duncan explain the feedback messages and the maths behind them in these short videos.

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