FIT eLearning 2020 Innovations


myoutcomesAs many MyOutcomes users already know, we offer FIT eLearning, either as a standalone product or integrated into their MyOutcomes account. This is a self-paced, 12-lesson training course taught by Dr. Scott Miller. An accredited program with quizzes and exams, it teaches the feedback-informed model of treatment to therapists. Successful completion can contribute 12 CEUs to the student.

Over the course of several years, I have found that agencies that provide FIT eLearning to their providers, have staff that are successfully engaged in integrating MyOutcomes into their sessions with their clients.

In the past, when an account wanted a provider to have access to the FIT training, the account owner or director would need to send an email request to me to turn on access for their staff member. Now, as a result of our never-ending goal to build an increasingly user-friendly program that offers greater autonomy to our users, we have added functionality that enables account owners to manage their FIT subscriptions from their owner’s accounts.

We have published a brief video to illustrate.

If you have FIT eLearning and/or Deliberate Practice, we will make the number of courses you have purchased available in your account on our side. It works in a similar manner as it does with your provider licenses. The main difference is that, although your provider licenses can be used over and over, the educational courses are assigned to specific staff member and cannot be reassigned. However, as long as they have access to their account, they can continue to review the material. They can also download the two manuals written by Scott Miller that come with FIT eLearning.

When you wish to assign the training to one of your providers, log into the owner level account. Navigate to the provider’s home page and, in the upper-left corner of their console, click the Update Provider link. On the page that opens, you will see FIT eLearning with a checkable box. Check this box to turn on access. Below this box, you will select what training to provide the staff member: FIT eLearning (lessons 1-12), Deliberate Practice (lessons 13-14), or FIT eLearning and Deliberate Practice (lessons 1-14). Which of the educational packages your organization has purchased will determine what package you have available to give to your staff members.

If you are creating a new provider account, you can turn on access at that time.

You will receive a notice when you no longer have any available courses to assign. When this happens, you can contact me, or any of our other staff, if you wish to purchase more.

While logged in as the owner, you will see no change in the provider’s account. The provider, on the other hand, will see the FIT eLearning tab at the top of the web page after logging into their account. Clicking on that tab will take them into the learning environment.

At the owner level, you will be able to monitor your staff’s progress through the educational programs.

At the owner home, at the top of the console, you will find a functional link called FIT eLearning Dashboard. On the page that opens after clicking the link, you will see a list of all of your staff that you have given access to the training tools. On this list you will see their user ID, their name, and what training program that you have given them. You will also be able to see what was the most recent lesson they worked on, the date that they worked on it, and their most recent exam/quiz score.

If you are an account that already has had staff given the training, you should be able to see the same information that I just outlined.

As you work with this new feature, please feel free to provide me any feedback that you feel is appropriate.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me @ 877.763.4775 ext. 1If you would like a meeting, please use this link to Book a 15-min Q & A session (free)