Five minutes of gold from Don Meichenbaum on the treatment of Grief and Suicidality

Yesterday was the first full day of the Evolution of Psychotherapy virtual experience. We had some great people stop by our virtual booth and join us in the live portal but the highlight of my day was Don Meichenbaum.

I am very found of this warm and wonderful human being. He is a devoted clinical psychologist, recognized as one of the founders of cognitive behavior therapy and has been rightly honoured as one of the most influential psychotherapists of the 20th century.

The topic was so timely, The Treatment of Depressed-Suicidal Patients and Those Experiencing Prolonged and Complicated Grief Disorders. I was so touched as he discussed the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, I decided to capture a little bit of it to share with you and I quite serendipitously choose to film these five minutes of gold about the therapeutic alliance and the use of the scales to inform and improve care.

This morning in my inbox was another free teaching from Don, published by Psych Congress with the pull quote, ““…there is a need to use what is called “feedback informed treatment,” whereby the therapist, on a session by session basis, actually assesses the degree to which clients are, in fact, perceived benefiting, and a fit between their particular form of needs and that which the therapist is providing…””

I recommend you watch this brief video that summarizes the evidence-based psychotherapeutic interventions he recommends in the treatment of patients with prolonged and complicated grief and suicidality.…