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MyOutcomes: HIPAA compliant feedback system

MyOutcomes: cloud-based HIPAA compliant feedback system

….another reason why you should go with MyOutcomes.

Are you sold on the benefits of evidence-based treatment but are not sure whether to go with the conventional pen and paper forms or with the new generation online tools? And in case you are going for an online version, then which tool should you go with? Are you debating on whether to design your tool in-house or go with a SaaS (Software as a Service) provider?

Here is an attempt to quell all your doubts.

First things first, here are some of the main advantages an online evidence-based tool provides:

  • automation of the Partners for Change Outcomes Management System
  • simplified administration and scoring, eliminating papers and rulers
  • detailed reports and instant analysis of client's responses
  • at a glance identification of at risk cases

The answer to the second one is much easier as there is not much choice there. There are only two tools that have been placed on SAMHSA's National Registry of Evidence-based Practices and Programs (NREPP) and they are MyOutcomes and the OQ Analyst.  OQ Analyst is much lengthier ( 45 times) and is administered at the beginning of the therapeutic session whereas MyOutcomes consists of two ultra-brief measures comprising of four items each that are administered at the beginning and the end of each therapeutic session. In the time it takes for the average person to inhale and exhale twelve times, the therapist can administer either the ORS or SRS and have their client's score plotted on a graph for immediate integration into the therapeutic session.

Then there is this third option as well of designing your own online feedback tool in-house. Businesses think that it is better to have their own software, especially the ones used for housing client's data. They do it for multiple reasons among which the top ones are cost and security. But it has been substantiated in a study done by Yankee Group TCO that on-premise systems were shown to be more expensive to operate annually than their cloud-based counterparts, with the overall cost 60% higher on an annual basis.

Moreover, expertise wise as well, it is often better to go with someone who specializes in just creating the software so that you can focus on the core specialty of your business!

And with all the legislation and rules applicable for companies handling the client data, a cloud-based system is actually more secure than any server-based or paper system. In addition, these cloud-based systems comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and its sophisticated encryption requirements.

A cloud-based system also allows you to function efficiently from any device that has an internet connection, anywhere in the world. This feature is of much use for mental health practitioners as they need to use Personal Health Information to track and improve treatment outcomes and to compare client outcomes to normative standards.

So if you are ready to go the evidence-based way, then MyOutcomes is the cloud-based HIPAA compliant feedback system for you.

For more information, please visit www.myoutcomes.com or call us on toll-free 1-877-763-4775.

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