ICCE Membership Boost!

| December 18, 2012
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Membership in The International Center for Clinical Excellence (ICCE) recently increased by a whopping 25 percent! The organization is dedicated to improving the quality of behavioral health services. This web-based community is a tremendous resource for practitioners. Each day, thousands of professionals, educators and researchers share and learn from each other.

Currently, a featured article on the site is a report on the status of the psychotherapy field, the article addresses, among other issues, changing attitudes, technological advancements, and ways to improve the effectiveness of the therapist. Webcasts are available on-site as well as input from a range of experts that focus on a variety of topics including coaching therapists and engaging men in therapy. The new ICCE treatment and training manuals are also available through the site.


The manuals provide step-by-step instructions for the implementation of feedback-informed work. To learn more or purchase click here: https://www.centerforclinicalexcellence.com

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