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| December 20, 2012
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One of the most persistent and pervasive of recent developments in the world of work has been the trend toward implementing meaningful measurements.  Organizations are asking “how do we know we're being effective?  Measuring and reporting is now the norm in virtually all sectors; business, politics and health sciences, especially those that receive public funds.

In our field, therapists need to know how effective they are and agency administrators need to have an accurate picture of therapy outcomes.

How can you answer these questions without some measurement?  A measurement system should be designed to collect, organize and analyze feedback to reveal information about performance and overall effectiveness.

Collection of data:  Do you systematically bring the client's voice into every therapy session through simple and ultra brief measures administered at the beginning (Outcome Rating Scale) and the end of each session (Session Rating Scale)?

Organization of data: Can you structure the software to mirror the structure of your organization at different levels; by individuals, group, therapist, and supervisor?  Does your system organize these two measures over the course of treatment in real time?

1)     client progress in therapy

2)     client's impressions of the treatment process

Analysis of data:  Does you system automatically graph client's input, produce accumulated summary reports and advance supervisor reports in real time?  Is your system capable of predicting the trajectory of change in successful therapy? Can you produce a report of the Key Performance Indicators which provides a snapshot of progress reported by clients in a selected population? Your system should give you the ability to look at exceptions and case alerts.

Implementation and Training: Whatever, measurement system you select to report meaningful outcomes it must be simple to get started.  Is there IT experts who can support and assist any data migration or integration with Electronic Health Records or Case Management Systems as necessary?  How long will it take to configure your measurement system?  There are two steps to consider: configuration and training.

That's what MyOutcomes' web-based clinical tool is all about: helping therapists become better at what they do through client feedback and advanced reporting in a way that is both effective and feasible to administer in a typical therapy environment and is a powerful analytical tool for producing measurable outcomes.


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