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As your partner, MyOutcomes continually works to improve its services and products in order to more effectively assist you in helping your clients achieve their therapeutic goals. The soon to be released MyOutcomes version 2011.1 has several exciting new features that do just that.

MyOutcomes is keenly aware of the need and the difficulty of insuring privacy in our technologically complicated times. As a result, MyOutcomes proudly introduces a new feature that will help you maintain HIPAA and PIPEDA compliance. By clicking the Lockout Admin Controls link at the top of either the ORS or SRS screen, you can easily prevent a client from accidently or purposefully leaving their survey screen and accessing the data of your other clients. Returning to administrative functions is easily accomplished by re-entering your MyOutcomes password and clicking on the Unlock Admin Controls link.

The design of the Home Screen for all levels of access has also changed in two ways. First, the search box has been moved to the top of the page, making it easier to identify and use. Second, there is now a “# of entries” dropdown box that allows you to control the number of entries you view per page. You can view up to 100 entries per page.

Sometimes you may only wish to download or print a client's Expected Treatment Response (ETR) graph without the feedback messages or other information found on that page. With MyOutcomes v11.1, you now have the option of downloading or printing the ETR graph only.

If all of this wasn't sufficient, the new MyOutcomes update brings two additional improvements to administrative functions for you. First, in order to help you more easily identify couples or your clients with feedback sources, the triangle icon will now appear only in front of these in the tree view. Clicking the triangle will continue to reveal the members of the couple as well as the feedback sources. Second, until now, deactivated clients without data could not be reactivated. Now, all deactivated clients can be reactivated.

Finally, a new feature is available to your clients that will help them insure that the feedback they are providing you will accurately reflect their views. Knowing that there may be times that a client is not satisfied with either their ORS or SRS score, version 11.1 makes it easier for your client to retake their most recent survey. All they need to do is click on the Retake ORS (or SRS) link at the top of the feedback screen and they will be able to redo the survey.

The MyOutcomes staff continues to work diligently to improve the effectiveness of MyOutcomes as well as your experience with it. We are always eager to hear your feedback about your experiences and/or ways that we might improve MyOutcomes. We are also eager to assist you in maximizing your experience and use of MyOutcomes. Please don't hesitate to contact us: 1-877-763-4775


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