Capturing Client Feedback the Smarter Way

| June 24, 2013

MyOutcomes V11, client feedbackMyOutcomes version 11, the smarter, simple & elegant way to regularly and formally gather client feedback before and after each therapy session, is now a reality

This new updated version comes with a fully accessible mobile user interface with single touch or click functionality and the need to right clicking anything, eliminated. It has an easy to navigate home page that ensures easier access to information.

The new dashboard allows for mass transfers between providers. The provider screen has been redesigned to include an intuitive list of clients with quick access to the next ORS (Outcomes Rating Scale) and SRS (Sessions Rating Scale) that has to be completed and the colour coded icon for the ETR (Expected Treatment Response), which is the predicted change in the Outcome Rating Scale score over the course of treatment. MyOutcomes uses the Client's intake score as a baseline for comparison to the normative data of others with a similar intake score on the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) and the Session Rating Scale (SRS).

The interactive ETR graphs allow:

–          Side by side session score comparisons

–          Mouse-over to get score details

–          Show/hide graph components such as ORS, SRS, percentiles and cut-offs.

–          Options to add multiple feedback source trajecto­ries to client graph for comparison

There is a separate dashboard for couples and the ORS/CORS and SRS/CSRS is available in 20 different languages.

Cindy Hansen, vice-president of MyOutcomes, begins the introduction of version 11 where the user and MyOutcomes initially connect and demonstrate the elegance and intuitiveness of this new version.

For more information contact MyOutcomes on (250) 763-4775 or 1 877 763-4775 (international toll-free)

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