iPad Solves “The Clipboard Quandary”

| July 11, 2012

use ipad MyOutcomesThe clipboard is one of the most familiar, if old-fashioned, of health-care accessories. But with the current push to abandon paper processes in favour of more streamlined electronic solutions, they’re an obvious target for high-tech replacements.

Ninety-eight percent of health-care professionals now use mobile devices to support personal and professional workflow, according to a recent survey by the Spyglass Consulting Group. Among them are behavioral health professionals who are opting to replace their clipboards with mobile computing devices like the Apple iPad® in an effort to increase efficiency and reduce the headaches associated with paper-and pencil-based data collection methods.

MyOutcomes is Cloud-Based HIPPA-Compliant

MyOutcomes HIPAA-compliant system is cloud-based, meaning that the data that is collected does not live on the iPad. Every time a client clicks “Submit,” all aggregate data is automatically de-identified to protect private health information and sent to an electronic health record or housed in a data center with SAS-70 Type II Certification.

If you’ve been struggling to implement the PCOMS approach using paper and pencil, you’ll find usage increases dramatically if you can make tablets available for therapists and clients. Transferring data from paper creates work for therapists, while having clients use the therapist’s own computer gives rise to boundary issues and technological apprehension. A touchscreen is easy for clients to use and autoscoring and reporting will appeal to clinicians interested in tracking progress and receiving feedback.

MyOutcomes comes in multiple computer, smartphone, and iPad administration options, enabling each client to use whatever method works best for them. To see MyOutcomes in action, watch our three-minute demo video.


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