Where has all the psychotherapy gone?

| August 18, 2014
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Why is psychotherapy seeing less and less people every year?

In their research paper released in 2010, the American Psychological Association (APA) revealed some disturbing trends seen over a period from 1998 to 2007. They found that there was a significant increase in the use of only medication for the treatment of mental disorders and less and less people relied on talk therapy;even the use of psychotherapy with medication saw a downward trend.

Four years after that paper was published, things have not much improved for psychotherapy and therapists all across have been regularly losing their customers. There are a number of reasons for this which are not very difficult to point out, like the rise of the managed behavioural healthcare industry and aggressive marketing of drugs by pharmaceutical companies among others but is it correct to blame only the extraneous factors for the downturn of therapy?

Why would someone not opt for a treatment that is showing results?

As the neuroscience journalist of TIME.com, Maia Szalavitz, wrote a couple of years back in an article, psychotherapy doesn't have an “image problem”: it has an evidence problem.

I strongly feel that she has hit the nail on the head with this remark and identified the root cause. What therapists need in order to give therapy a new lease of life is show evidence that psychotherapy does work. And what better way to show that it works but check with the client himself!

This is where The Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS) developed by doctors Barry Duncan and Scott Miller comes into play. Keeping true to its name, this meta model partners with the client and takes note of their perceptions of change. It measures the all important parameters like the degree of change experienced by the client since their last session and also the degree of alliance between the therapist and the client.

These tools not only provide direction to the therapist as to which course to take in order to see the best results for the client but also provides evidence for the effectiveness of therapy that is the need of the hour for them and for the profession.

So, if you suffer from the same problem as well and do not know which course your treatment is taking, adopt evidence based therapy.

MyOutcomes is a paperless, secure and web-based feedback system that is effective to track and improve outcomes on a client by client basis. This evidence based tool provides all the support that you need to draw in that stream of clients and help revive therapy without the need for medication!

To know more about how MyOutcomes can be your best friend and can help you and your clients, call us toll free on 1-877-763-4775 or watch our on demand demo video.

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