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| July 17, 2020

marketing tipsProviding Your Clinical Staff with the Support They Need

When you purchase MyOutcomes for your agency it is usually because the evidence has convinced you that by integrating the feedback-informed treatment (FIT) model into their practices, your clinical staff will be more effective with their clients. The success of your staff and clients, in turn, will mean that your agency will enhance its reputation in being effective in helping those coming to you for help.

Despite the fact that you and other decision-makers are convinced that implementing MyOutcomes is a wise choice, the transition to an evidence-based model like FIT may not be equally smooth for all of your staff. Sometimes, staff struggling to integrate MyOutcomes into their responsibilities may need a little more support.

The question is, though, how do you know who needs that support without some objective feedback that will help you identify those individuals?

Luckily, MyOutcomes has been built with mechanisms for presenting evidence that enable managers and directors to identify staff who may be struggling with their implementation of MyOutcomes. Which strategy you use depends upon whether you are looking for a brief summary of staff utilization or if you wish to see the larger picture.

Aggregate Stats

Besides providing you insight into change in your client population, the Aggregate Stats also provide some basic descriptive statistics that help paint a picture of how your MyOutcomes account is being utilized. On each Aggregate Stats page, you can find the total number of cases, data about the number of sessions, duration of treatment, and the number of skipped sessions. Together, this information can inform you regarding utilization.

Each level of access provides the Aggregate Stats for all of the data beneath it. Depending upon how you have your account structured, these different reports can provide important information regarding subsets of your data.

If you generate a report at the owner level, it will reflect information for the entire account. If you generate reports at the administrator or supervisor levels, they will provide you with information about the supervisors and providers or the providers-only below those respective levels of access. If, on the other hand, an aggregate stats report is created for an individual provider, the picture that emerges will be for that provider solely.

Dashboard Utilization Report

A limitation of the Aggregate Stats is that it generates a cumulative report up to the date that you create it.

If you want to have more control over the time period of the report and if you are fine with a more brief summary of utilization for a staff member, treatment site or treatment program, you can generate a utilization report in the Dashboard. As with any data in MyOutcomes, the owner level has access to the entire agency as well as specific levels of access. Administrator level accounts can review the supervisor and provider accounts below them, while supervisors can review their providers.

After logging in and navigating to the Dashboard page, select Utilization. Depending upon your level of access, you will be able to select your search criteria accordingly. If your account has more than one administrator and/or supervisor, you will need to select the specific administrator or supervisor level, when logged in as the owner, before reviewing the utilization by a specific provider.

If you are interested in looking at utilization of MyOutcomes with current clients only, you can change Status to ‘Active.’ You can also select a specific time period for your search. There are a number of pre-set time periods that you can select from. If you wish to customize the range of time for your enquiry, select ‘between’ to enter your search period.

After you have selected your search criteria, click Apply. The system will generate a report that provides you with the Client Count, Cases, and Session Count for that specific set of criteria.

Implementing change, whether in our lives, our professions, or our businesses, is always a challenge…one that can hit a number of speed bumps on the road to success. Your staff may at different times experience a challenge that slows or stops their implementation of MyOutcomes. The Aggregate Stats and the Dashboard Utilization Report are two mechanisms that can help you identify these individuals, so that you can more readily reach out and provide the support that they may need.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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