Marketing Tips for Therapists #10

| February 27, 2013
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Building a Community Referral Network

Effective marketing today is about building relationships and engaging communities. It’s about telling stories people want to hear, adding value through information sharing, and participating in open and honest conversations that motivate and energize people. Marketing in today’s economy are driven by conversations at a grassroots level and you can participate in this process both online or off. Mental health practitioner who take the time to engage people at this level significantly improve their reach and influence. Have you ever considered developing a community referral network through public speaking and training/workshops?

The best way to start is by creating a list of potential referral sources. Don’t forget to include hypnotherapists, fitness coaches, life coaches, massage therapists, chiropractors, weight loss professionals, nutritionists, local medical associations, etc. Identify other Community Partners such as Local Red Cross, Hospice Associations, Health Networks, Wellness Centers, Senior Outreach Services, Community Resources, Local Family Centres, Local churches, Arthritis Society, Brain Injury Societies, Mental Health Associations, Societies for Community Living, Community Recreational Initiatives, Women's Shelters, United Way etc.

Once you have created your target list, offer yourself for speaking engagements, monthly or weekly meetings, luncheons, annual general meetings etc… When giving a presentation to your audience establish how your practice is unique and specialized. You should highlight points like how therapist tools such as PCOMS quickly and efficiently reports when treatment isn't working, enabling a therapist to adjust services to improve outcomes. Or, the fact that using MyOutcomes allows the clients’ feedback to be central to the care they receive. This message will resonate with many potential referral sources.

Particularly when you show them the client progress report that can be produced in MyOutcomes with the click of a button. Many referral sources have noted that they have never received a progress report on patients that they have referred and really value this feedback. It will make you stand out among all the other therapists in your area trying to develop a community referral network.

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