Measuring Outcomes in a Global Setting

| July 18, 2013
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What is the importance of measuring outcomes for a therapist?

It has been proved now that in order to increase performance, a therapist needs to know of their success rates with clients. They should constantly take the client's feedback to inform of their treatment, an approach known as Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT). This can be easily done with the help of two scales, namely the Session Rating Scale (SRS) and the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS).

Due to globalization, borders have little meaning and our world is moving towards integration with free flow of people, products, views, ideas and various aspects of culture. Psychotherapy as a practice is not left untouched by this phenomenon and we have therapists, psychologists and other behavioral health practitioners meeting with people from around the world. To help them in measuring outcomes effectively, MyOutcomes version 11 comes with the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) / Couple Outcome Rating Scale (CORS) and Session Rating Scale (SRS) / Couple Session Rating Scale (CSRS) available in 20 different languages. These scales now appear in full screen in the administration panel to help with visibility.

Listen to Vice-President of MyOutcomes, Cindy Hansen, discuss how Version 11 brings the power of MyOutcomes to an ever increasing world market while simultaneously simplifying the accessibility of the Outcome Rating Scale and the Session Rating Scale.

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