Measuring the Therapeutic Alliance

| June 24, 2015

improve outcomes softwareIt is a proven fact that one of the major reasons that clients drop out of therapy is a reported problem with the therapeutic alliance. It is for this reason that alliance is termed  â€œthe soul of therapy” and a “therapist's best friend”. Clearly measuring alliance should be a therapeutic imperative.

MyOutcomes® can help with this, in the form of its web-based tool called the Session Rating Scale or SRS in short. SRS is a four-item scale that enables the therapist to get a quantitative measure of the client's assessment of the therapist-client relationship. Specifically, the SRS asks the client to use a sliding analog scale to assess their relationship with the therapist, whether the goals and topics covers what the client feels they need, how well the therapist's approach fits for the client, and an overall general assessment of the most recent session. Based upon the composite score of these measures, the therapist can determine whether the alliance is weak or strong. If weak or seemly at risk, the therapist can devote time to explore issues that will strengthen the relationship e.g. shifting goals, changing approach, etc.

Multiple RCT's studies conducted over the years also show that this measure is reliable, valid and feasible.

Watch this video by Dr Barry Duncan and learn about the usefulness of the Session Rating Scale and how to measure the therapeutic alliance.

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