Moving to a Paperless World

| March 18, 2014
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HIPAA Compliant Cloud Storage!

The world is heading towards a paperless domain and today cloud computing is an integral part of the workforce. From consumer-grade services like cloud email for example Gmail, document storage like DropBox, specialized enterprise services such as customer relationship management software similar to to online banking; everything is on distributed computing over a network. Using a cloud is an ideal option as your data will remain safe from hackers, unauthorized users and also from natural disasters like fire and floods. Shifting to a cloud-based system is becoming inevitable with the increasing pace of technology, especially since it involves no installation of hardware and no expensive maintenance.Yet, there is a fair amount of uncertainty about adopting cloud services, especially in the health care industry. Many practices fear the lack of security associated with cloud-based software, and fear that confidential data may be lost or leaked. However, a cloud-based system is actually more secure than any server-based or paper system. In addition, these cloud-based systems comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and its sophisticated encryption requirements.

HIPAA complaint cloud storage makes the cloud a complete solution for improving practice performance and Personal Health Information security. Findings from the US Department of Health and Human Services have shown that when you store your patients' information in a HIPAA compliant cloud system, it is safer than using a localized server or paper documents. The report found that the most common type of large data breach is physical theft – which is virtually impossible with HIPAA compliant cloud storage.

As well, when you opt to use a cloud-based system you can function efficiently from any device that has an internet connection, anywhere in the world.This is especially helpful in the field of mental health where Personal Health Information is being used to track and improve treatment outcomes and to compare client outcomes to normative standards.

If you are ready to move to a paperless, secure way to track the progress of your clients and the quality of the therapeutic alliance, then MyOutcomes is the cloud-based psychotherapy feedback system for you.

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