MyOutcomes® Is Leading the Way! Psychotherapy Technologies Emerging Again!

| May 18, 2013

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MyOutcomes®, the number one clinical tool for psychotherapists used in client-focused therapeutic sessions, is pleased to announce the release of Version 11, giving the clinician an even more powerful therapeutic tool to help clients achieve their goals. Listed in SAMHSA's National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices, MyOutcomes® has wedded modern smart clinical practice with modern smart technology in twenty different languages. MyOutcomes®' technological fusion of modern therapeutic practice with the Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS) developed by Dr. Barry Duncan and Dr. Scott Miller, dramatically improves therapeutic success by assisting the clinician in measuring client feedback of treatment outcomes and the therapist-client alliance.

In an era of austerity and accountability, those providing psychological health services are being challenged to do more with less. Funding groups are demanding “proof of value” and “return on investment” reports. Agencies and organizations are being challenged to improve service outcomes, while reducing program costs. Frontline clinicians are feeling the pressure to take on more clients, while achieving goals in less time…in short, more paperwork!

In the past, tracking client outcomes involved the use of paper and pencil tools administered by the clinician, scored by the clinician and entered into the system by the clinician…in short, less available service-oriented time!

By adapting PCOMS to a web-based platform with their Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) and Session Rating Scale (SRS), MyOutcomes took a major step towards simplifying tracking of client outcomes…in short, less paperwork and more time for clients!

MyOutcomes® has consistently proven itself to be the natural partner of mental health care agencies, organizations and clinicians. Taking the responsibility of this alliance seriously, MyOutcomes® has seen the potential in the availability of easily used hand-held devices. In fact, MyOutcomes® has done more than just see the potential, it has embraced the future.

Scheduled for release May 18th, MyOutcomes® Version 11 has many new and powerful, user-requested improvements, including the capability to monitor client feedback on a hand-held device. The user will continue to have at their fingertips the advanced reporting functions and case alerts that clinicians familiar with MyOutcomes® have come to expect. Now, however, clinicians will be able to monitor the progress and outcomes of all clients at any time and in any place. Real time management and improvement of the services provided by mental and behavioral health professionals is now not only feasible, it’s also cost-effective.

With its proven value and ease of use, it's no wonder that MyOutcomes®' web-based platform of the PCOMS Outcome Rating Scale and Session Rating Scale is emerging as today's must-have for providers of evidence-based mental and behavioral health services. With its ability to provide session-by-session monitoring on a hand-held device, MyOutcomes® Version 11 continues that trend, leading the way as the most powerful 21st Century tool a successful clinician can have.

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