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| September 21, 2018

MyOutcomes VersionFor more than a decade, MyOutcomes® has consistently proven itself to be the natural partner of agencies, organizations, and clinicians seeking to use client feedback to track and improve treatment outcomes. Taking the responsibility of this alliance seriously, MyOutcomes® has remained at the for the front of technological and scientific advancements by working closely with leaders in the field and remaining responsive to the needs of our international client base. Our latest upgrades to the MyOutcomes line included new reporting features and more customization options, as well as enhancements to our EHR integration capabilities.

Upgrades to MyOutcomes® v18 include:

Two Big Advances in Dashboard Reporting– First, Printable Dashboard Reports- Once the Dashboard Report Parameters are selected just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the new Printable Report View. Second, for even more granular analysis of Dashboard Reports, all reports can now be exported to Excel. Go to the Dashboard tab, for each of the 4 report tabs on the Dashboard page, you can generate a report with data. On the bottom of the page, you can click on the Export to Excel link. You will then get an excel file that contains raw results.

More Export Stats Fields– Quality Assurance Managers and Researchers will appreciate the new Export Stats data that can now be export as raw scores: Client ID creation Date, Last ORS score & Last ORS Date.

Read-Only Access is here!- The Read-Only Access for Administrators & Supervisors is available on both the Administrator Home Page and Supervisor Home Page. If the read-only access is enabled- when the read-only Administrators or Supervisors login, they can create clients, couples, feedback sources, supervisors, providers, and client groups. The read-only administrators and supervisors will be unable to update or delete clients, couples, feedback sources, supervisors or client groups. In addition, they will be unable to perform an ORS or SRS on any client, skip any session, or update past session scores.

Custom ORS Feedback– You now have the option to hide the Feedback results page and create a custom message on the results page. It is an Owner level tool available under Options. When you enable Custom ORS Feedback, a text field box will appear. You can enter the message you would like to appear as the results page.

New Couple Functions– We have made it possible to separate the couple and do individual counselling. These functions also allow you to deactivate and reactivate individual couple members.

Transferring clients to a GSRS group just got easier– First create a Client Group and mark it as a GSRS group. Then, transfer a client whose survey type is set to Adult- to that new GSRS group. The client's survey type will be changed to Group automatically.

Hide “Remember Email” on Give Access- To hide the Give Access option to remember clients email, a new Owner tool has been added to Options. Simply click to enable Hide Remember Email on Give Access.

Hide SRS– Another new tool under Owner Options. You can chose to only administer the ORS. Just enable Hide SRS.

Latest Updates to MyOutcomes® Mobile include:

Forgot Password and User ID– Now you and your clients will be able to access Forgot Password and User ID from the MyOutcomes Mobile login page.

Skip Function is Here! The Skip Function has been added to the Home Page. Click on the button below the Skip tab. It will direct you to a page on Skipping a Session. You can choose to Skip ORS, Skip Both ORS and SRS, or Delete Last Session. The Lock ORS/SRS function only applies to the ‘Update Past Session” area of the site. It prevents providers from updating or skipping past sessions. It does not lock delete past session or login information.

Seven Languages– MyOutcomes Mobile now supports English, Spanish, French, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Chinese, and Italian languages.

What's New in MyOutcomes Web Services Version 18:

For more comprehensive data retrieval from MyOutcomes® to other systems, we have expanded our existing data pull functions to include:

Get Client Session Data– This function takes the user id as input and returns all client session data including total ORS and SRS scores, any data projection points plus all 4 ORS subscales and all 4 SRS subscale scores available under a given user id.

Get Client Session Data By Date– This function takes the start date, end date and user id as inputs and returns all client session data including total ORS and SRS scores, data projection points plus ORS/SRS subscale scores, available under that user id.

Get All Client Data– Like the existing GetClientData function – this new function will allow you to retrieve all ORS/SRS session data for a single client without having to supply a session number.

With its proven reliability and ease of use, it's no wonder that MyOutcomes®' web-based version of the Outcome Rating Scale and Session Rating Scale is emerging as today's must-have for providers of evidence-based mental and behavioral health services.

To learn more about the benefits MyOutcomes subscribers receive you can read the V18 User Guide, sign up for an Evaluation Account or book your free 30-minute Implementation Consultation now.



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