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| January 24, 2017

MyOutcomes UK

Dianne Tetley  (MyOutcomes UK lead) last week presented at Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Research, Innovation Conference.   Dianne demonstrated alongside researchers from Nottingham University about how MyOutcomesUK is being used to support the delivery of cutting edge research like the The Helping Urgent Care Users cope with distress about physical complaints study.


The Helping Urgent Care Users cope with distress about physical complaints study.

A UK National Institute for Health Research portfolio study sponsored by the Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) East Midlands. Professor Richard Morris is the Principal Investigator. It is a randomised controlled trial of 6-12 sessions of CBT using health anxiety delivered remotely via video calling or telephone versus treatment as usual. The aim of is to determine the cost and clinical effectiveness of this intervention for health anxiety in repeated utilisers of unscheduled or urgent care requests. The study also aims to examine how to optimise the delivery of CBT remotely by systematically identifying and then acting on barriers and enablers to the intervention through practice and doctoral research studies.

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A video featuring Dianne Tetley, Assistant Director of Research, Effectiveness and Innovation at Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, and co-creator with Sami Timimi of the Outcomes Orientated Approaches to the Delivery of Mental health Services (OO-AMHS). 

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