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| April 13, 2013
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“The MyOutcomes’ client console page in its latest version 11 is vastly improved”

In my last two blogs, I focused on some of the improved esthetics and navigational potential in the new and improved version of MyOutcomes, relative to the current and soon-to-be outdated version. Now, I'd like to spend some time focusing on the individual client data.  After all, it's the client that is the center of all of this activity.

The default MyOuctomes’ client console page is vastly improved. At its center is a graph depicting the Trajectory of Change. In the current version, one needs to navigate away from the primary client console and when arriving on the page, the viewer is presented with individual graphs of the ORS and the SRS data. In the new version, both the ORS and SRS are presented on the same colored graph. True, it initially takes a moment or two to adjust to the new presentational style but once that minor bump is dealt with, the convenience of having this information presented in one visual is obvious. Furthermore, the client will see the same graph prior to taking the ORS or SRS. The client having a visual presentation of their progress should prove to be beneficial.

The new client landing page has all of the same options as the older version but presentation is cleaner and easier.

There is, of course, the same choice of taking the ORS via the screen or paper. If taking the paper version, entering the data is far simpler. As with the current MyOutcomes version, the options for taking the SRS, either on the computer or by paper, are only highlighted after taking or skipping the ORS. If not navigating via the tree, skipping or deleting a session takes no more effort than clicking on a button on the console page. There is also the familiar option of viewing a summary table of the client's critical statistics. On the current version, the last ORS is presented multiple times. The new table is cleaner and eliminates unneeded redundancy.

There are two other great features on the client console page.  At the bottom of the page is an option to see the ORS and SRS scores for a particular session or compare the scores across several sessions. This information is, by default, hidden until requested. This creates a cleaner, less noisy presentation of the data. Aside from looking at individual sessions or comparing them, another available option is to update specific changes by editing the individual scores or the totals for either the ORS or SRS during that session. The final feature on the client landing page is an option to create a progress report. The ease of creating a client progress report is definitely a valuable improvement.

Experience it for yourself.

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