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| April 11, 2013
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As mentioned earlier, I have been given the opportunity to preview, prior to its upcoming release, the new and improved MyOutcomes. I noted then that MyOutcomes has a newer, crisper look. Also new is its functionality.

I personally like options and the new MyOutcomes has two navigational options that are equally easy to use.  The first option is the familiar tree on the left side of the screen i.e., the “click on the bullet and the next level down opens up” system.  However, the tree, itself, is new and improved. The uniform green bullet at each level of the tree is gone. It has been replaced with sensible color-coded bullets overlaid with a letter letting the user know which level they are at. For example, the administer level is a blue bullet with the letter “A,” while the supervisor level is purple with a…you guessed it…a letter “S.” The client level has also seen improvements. Instead of the bullets, there are small, individual “person” icons with a letter “C.” Couples get a small, two person icon.

The other way to navigate in the new MyOutcomes is found in the right field of the screen. In the current MyOutcomes version, this area is filled with the Aggregate Stats at every level except that of the client. Although easily accessed, the Aggregate Stats are now tucked away.  Instead, the user has a screen containing information that is commiserate with their level of access. For example, as the Administrator, I have access to all levels below me. But the immediate screen greeting me after I login is a table summarizing information about all supervisors working under my administration. On this screen, I have the option to create and update supervisors, delete supervisors or transfer providers as well as move down the organizational tree to look at specific providers, client groups or clients. It is equally easy to navigate upwards with a single click.

With the exception of clients, each level has a table summarizing all the information regarding the next level down. At each level, the same actions that are available by right clicking on some level in the tree are available in the summary table. Note that these tables are available whether one uses the tree or the tables, themselves, to navigate upwards and downwards.

At the client level, the same options are available, although better organized, as are found in the current version of MyOutcomes. In addition, however, the user is provided the most up-to-date Trajectory of Change graph for both the SRS and ORS. This is a particularly nice feature given that it is this information that is most germane in the actual clinical setting and, therefore, it makes sense for it to be immediately available.

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