MyOutcomes Version 11 “far more visually appealing”

| April 2, 2013
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I have been provided the distinct opportunity to review the new and improved, soon-to-be-released MyOutcomes Version 11. Over the next few blogs, I will be writing about this experience in relationship to the soon-to-be-old version of MyOutcomes.

Change is always occurring. Sometimes change is good, sometimes not so good. In this particular situation, change is good. Very good. How can anything be any better than the current MyOutcomes version, you might ask? For starters, its appearance. The new version will have a cleaner and crisper look that will make it far more visually appealing. Relative to the current version being used, the sleeker look of this new version creates an ease of accessing information that the older version doesn't have.

The organization will be different as well. Whereas the current version opens at each level, with the exception of at the client level, with a view of the Aggregate Stats, in the new version the user will be greeted with a table that summarizes the individuals under their direct supervision. In other words, the administrator will have an easy-to-read list of supervisors with the number of providers they oversee while supervisors will have a table of providers that includes how many client groups each provider has. Providers will have quick access to the clients under their care. Although being able to view the Aggregate Stats is important, the advantages of this new organization should be immediately clear: administrators, supervisors and providers will have immediate access to a simple table of those they are responsible for…and from these tables, it will be able to navigate anywhere else.

As for viewing the Aggregate Stats, it is quite simple, yet leaves the choice of viewing this information to the discretion of the user. To access the Aggregate Stats table, all that is needed it to click the “stat” button associated with each User ID/Name on the summary tables. As for accessing the Dashboard, it will have the same ease as there is for the older version…simply click on the tab at the top. Another change that improves the appearance of MyOutcomes as well as improving its ease of use is that now including or excluding inactive or closed cases takes only one click.

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