Outcome, Evidence, Effectiveness and Accountability are the watch words of the day

| November 12, 2012

outcome and effectiveness

“Outcome and Effectiveness; Evidence and Accountability are the watchwords of the day”

In a recent presentation on transforming behavioral health care, Dr. Scott Miller shared some of the most common challenges he hears about from health-care professionals around the world in the changing environment in which they¬†practice.¬† Again and again, he’s told, they’ve been asked to put up or shut up in regards to research evidence. Outcome and Effectiveness; Evidence and Accountability are the watchwords of the day.

What are mental-health professionals to do? How can they survive in this increasingly demanding, results-driven environment without shortchanging themselves or clients?

Find out from watching Dr. Miller’s enlightening presentation on “Strategies for Becoming a Highly Effective Agency: Transforming Care, Changing Systems.”

Here’s a short clip from this October 2012 talk:

Dr. Scott Miller, outcome and evidence
Scott D. Miller, Ph.D., is founder of the International Center for Clinical Excellence, an international consortium of clinicians, researchers and educators dedicated to promoting excellence in behavioural health services. Dr. Miller conducts workshops and training in the United States and abroad, helping hundreds of agencies and organizations, both public and private, to achieve superior results.

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