Outcome Measurement – A new standard in behavioural health!

| September 3, 2013

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Measuring outcomes is increasingly becoming a norm in behavioural healthcare where agencies and practitioners constantly need to prove the effectiveness of the therapy they are providing

Agencies need funding to grow and outcome measurement provides a tangible way to calculate return on investment (ROI) and proof of value (POV) that are important business terms for future funders. For private practitioners, this data is useful for both the clients and health-care insurers as they want to be sure that the psychotherapy or psychiatric help they are receiving is actually making a difference.

PCOMS or Partners for Change Outcome Management System is a way where such data can be measured and analysed to prove the effectiveness of therapy. Practice can thus be based on empirical findings! PCOMS is integrated within the normal therapy sessions itself and involves the filling of two short forms that measure the client's therapeutic progress and the degree of alliance between the client and the therapist.

PCOMS is disseminated by The Heart and Soul of Change Project, led by Dr. Barry Duncan and the International Center for Clinical Excellence, headed by Dr. Scott D Miller. MyOutcomes has used this science to make an outcomes software that is web-based. Once client data is fed into the ORS and SRS scales in the system, it graphically depicts these two scales and compares client's progress to the Expected Treatment Response (ETR) of clients with the same intake score. This gives a clear view of the progress of clients and helps in recording outcomes over the course of time.


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