PCOMS in Practice

| March 26, 2014
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PCOMS or Partners for Change Outcome Management System is a SAMHSA approved evidence-based practice and is a practical solution to both the therapist's and the agency's need for being able to measure outcomes and achieve desired results. It doesn't change the way a practitioner works but makes their work better as it is atheoretical and just complements the clinician's theoretical way of work. It can be incorporated into any model or treatment orientation and can be applied to clients of almost all diagnostic categories.

It takes only a few minutes to complete and is extremely practical and feasible to implement. Clients complete the four-item forms in a minute and the total time required by the therapist to gather meaning from this data is typically less than 5 minutes.

The beauty of PCOMS is that it incorporates the most robust predictors of therapeutic success into an outcome management system that partners with clients while honouring the daily pressure of front line clinicians. It measures the most robust indicators of therapeutic success, the clients' view of their early change, as measured by the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS). The ORS measures and records it so that something can be done at an initial stage to manage the entire process. The other predictor is the alliance between the client and the therapist and is measured by the Session Rating Scale (SRS).

MyOutcomes has taken all this research and put it in a web-based system that streamlines data entry and interpret results with the help of easy to understand graphs and feedback messages.

Watch this short video clip where Dr Barry Duncan, director of the Heart and Soul of Change Project, talks about the benefits of PCOMS in practical therapy.

You can have instant access to this practical tool and experience for yourself a typical session using MyOutcomes.

Follow the link for instant access now!  CLICK HERE



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