PCOMS — The Four Secrets of Success

PCOMS, MyOutcomes

The Art and Science of Becoming a Better Therapist PART 5 (PCOMS)

A webinar series by Dr. Barry Duncan

Friday, March 22 at 1PM EST

PART FIVE in “The Art and Science of Becoming a Better Therapist” webinar series. Dr. Duncan shares the secrets he has learned about how to successful implement the Partners For Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS).

The Four Secrets:

  1. In It for the Long Run
  2. Love Your Data
  3. Inspire the Front-Line Clinician
  4. Supervision for a Change

Live Q&A

Plan to attend the 30-minute presentation and join the live 15-minute Q&A with Dr. Duncan.

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What Time?

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DON’T MISS this webinar!  The last webinar discussed the first three secrets and this one will address supervision.

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