PCOMS: The Science Behind MyOutcomes

| January 14, 2015
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Dr. Barry L. Duncan, director of the Heart & Soul of Change Project, gets into the science that forms the backbone of MyOutcomes' web-based tool. Partners for Change Outcome Management System or PCOMS as it is commonly known is a continuous monitoring and feedback model that has shown increased efficiency in randomized clinical trials (RCTs). PCOMS is an evidence-based practice that involves a transparent discussion of the feedback with the client and involves collaboration with the client. It thus gives the client the power to be involved in his treatment.

The Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) assesses four dimensions; Individual, Interpersonal, Social and Overall whereas the Session Rating Scale (SRS) simply translates what is known about the alliance between the therapist and the client.

MyOutcomes takes this approach to the next level by providing a web-based system that graphically depicts these two scales and compares the client's progress to the Expected Treatment Response (ETR) of clients with the same intake score. It is the best way to continue the primary vision to make clients partners in change.

Dr. Barry Duncan, in this brief video clip, tells you about the science behind the MyOutcomes tool and how it can increase outcomes in therapy. To see the entire webcast CLICK HERE

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