Is there Client base for predicting ETR in Child Therapy?

| February 17, 2016
Expected Response Time in Child Therapy

Child Therapy measures in MyOutcomes Version14


Changes in MyOutcomes Version 14 for predicting the Expected Treatment Response in child therapy.

In the earlier version of MyOutcomes, there used to be separate algorithms for child therapy and adult therapy but other than the clinical cut offs, the responses were neither significantly different nor predictive of success. The client base for predicting the ETR of children and young adult is the same, which is a critical change in MyOutcomes Version 14.

Dr Scott D. Miller observes that children come from a different culture compared to the people treating them. The measure uses huge numbers hence these differences of culture are evened out while analyzing outcomes.

Live Consultation Video

Dr Scott D. Miller, elaborates the latest improvements in MyOutcomes Versions 14. View the full video in response to the question “Is there a client base for predicting the ETR of Children and Young Adults?”

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