We Dare You Not to Laugh: Providing Feedback

| December 4, 2012
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Do clients hesitate in providing feedback to their therapists?

Most clients have a hard time expressing how they really feel about the therapeutic process — their progress or lack of it, as well as their sense of connectedness to the therapist. But this certainly isn’t a problem in the clip below:

Unlike Sheldon, who has no hesitation about providing feedback, most clients (and therapists) are much less willing to share their true feelings and opinions on key measurable items. The evidence suggests that a formalized psychotherapy feedback system is generally required to consistently achieve real transparency and insight into how the client is responding to therapy.

And it’s this insight, garnered through feedback, that propels therapy forward, giving the client the confidence of knowing that their therapist is truly listening to them and providing the therapist with critical information about the client that can make all the difference in improving outcomes. This is what MyOutcomes is all about. Check for yourself, take our free demo

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