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| December 4, 2012
Psychotherapy feedback systems, MyOutcomes

Advantages of MyOutcomes over other psychotherapy feedback systems

According to the Aberdeen Group, a Boston-based technology research firm, more than 70 percent of U.S. small businesses allow employees to use their smartphones for work. The problem is, allowing employees to use many different types of devices for business can turn into an IT nightmare for tech support, securing sensitive data and communications, and fixing compatibility issues.

But there are solutions — such as cloud-based services that work across an ever-changing variety of device types and platforms. Cloud-based computing is the use of computing resources (hardware and software) delivered as a service over the Internet. In essence, cloud-based services are remote services that can be accessed from any device connected to the World Wide Web.

One of the advantages of MyOutcomes over other psychotherapy feedback systems is that it is cloud-based and accessible from any touch-screen device or computer with Internet access. And unlike many other cloud-based services, you don't need to purchase different apps for different devices.

Many of our clients worry about data security and compliance with privacy laws when explodes use personal devices for work. The greatest concern is often whether employees are properly protecting data — a concern that applies across the board, from electronic files to social media to in-person conversations. Developing clear policies that apply generally to organizational information and communications and then explaining how these apply to what employees do on their own devices can help avoid this problem.

Another known risk of using personal devices for work is that personal devices can be lost, stolen or accessed by unauthorized people. The simplest way to prevent data theft is to keep the device locked.

It may make sense to require employees to keep devices used for work locked at all times — even at home — with a hard-to-guess password. Be sure employees know how to lock and unlock their devices and advise against letting other people, including family members, use them. In addition, warn employees if you notice that devices are left unlocked. As a last resort, you can revoke access to your cloud-based services if they consistently fail to secure personal devices used for work.

You might also consider requiring employees to install and use security software such as Norton ($20 per year per device, all platforms) or Lookout (Android only, $3 per month or $30 per year per device), which enable users to remotely locate devices, lock them and even wipe them. Apple offers free security services for all iOS devices and Windows 8 and BlackBerry devices have some security features and special offerings, as well.

For clients using MyOutcomes on a personal device, we offer the additional security of automatically timing out and requiring every user to construct a secure, virtually impossible-to-crack password. For more on password security, read “Is Your Agency Secure Against Digital Threats?.”


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