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| November 5, 2018
Outcome Informed Therapy

How to Reach your Pinnacle of Success in Therapy?

Should therapists continually seek training in order to be able to make any significant difference to their client's outcomes and reach their pinnacle of success as a therapist? What role do training and experience actually play in therapy?

Being a therapist is not easy! It involves years of hard work, perseverance, and diligence before someone becomes a behavioural health professional. So what is it in the profession that draws people towards it?

Research shows that most therapists get into the profession in order to help people. The pleasure and satisfaction they get from seeing their clients’ quality of life improve as they overcome their psychological problems gives their lives added meaning.

Research also shows that about 90% of the therapists consider themselves to be in the top 25% -which clearly cannot be true. How do therapists objectively rate themselves and what should they do to ensure that their clients experience positive change?

To find answers to these questions and achieve your career goal of improving as a therapist and helping more people, more often, watch MyOutcomes' video series with Kelly Ross. This six-part series includes:

  1. There is no such thing as a “Mental Health Holy Grail”
  2. An Eye-Opening Lesson on the Value of Training and Experience
  3. The Pinnacle of Therapists Development is Healing Involvement
  4. The Three Sources of Healing Involvement
  5. Therapists Need their Clients Help just as Clients need Theirs
  6. Track your Cumulative Career Development by Collecting Outcome Data.

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