Is there no way to record and plot the ORS in Child Therapy?

| February 24, 2016

ORS for Child Therapy

How to record and plot the ORS for child therapy in MyOutcomes version 14

In the case of child therapy, it is often left to the therapist to determine whether the child is making progress. It is important that the stakeholders in those young children's lives agree that progress is being made and seek other collateral scores to measure the outcome.

Clinicians and psychotherapists in evidence based practice, often ask the question; though the ORS scores in child therapy are available but there is no way to record and plot it to measure the outcomes.

Dr Scott D.Miller scrutinizes the accuracy of ORS in child therapy  in twofold:

1. The scales might be useful for engaging children, but getting reliable scores from children that young for a four item measure is just nearly impossible.

2. Most of the children visit a therapist because someone else is concerned for them rather than they themselves, hence collateral scores should guide the outcomes of such sessions.

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