Request from Barry Duncan

| June 6, 2013
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I am working on a project and need your help. I am looking for stories from therapists who have implemented my suggestions from On Becoming a Better Therapist—your description of tracking your outcomes with PCOMS, implementing strategies to increase the percentage of clients who respond to you, and the resulting improvement. This would address what the book calls your cumulative career development. I am also interested in what the book calls your currently experienced growth, or how tracking outcomes with your clients and finding out that a particular client is not benefiting enabled you to step outside your therapeutic business as usual and try something different—something that perhaps enhanced your growth and stimulated your reflection about your identity as a therapist.I am just looking for 2-3 double spaced pages that cover how using PCOMS enabled you to be proactive both in terms of helping more clients and accelerating your development. If you are interested email me at
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Category: Agencies, Outcomes Software, PCOMS, Private Practice, Therapy Outcome Measures

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