SAMHSA approved Client Feedback tools: OQ Analyst & MyOutcomes

| October 30, 2017
SAMHSA approved client feedback tools, MyOutcomes, OQ Analyst

SAMHSA approved client feedback tools that help behavioural healthcare professionals achieve therapy effectiveness

Moving on towards nearly a quarter century now, there has been a growing realization in the behavioural, emotional and mental health profession that eliciting and measuring client feedback about the therapeutic alliance and perception of change can have a positive impact upon achieving therapeutic goals. This is especially true for those clients who are at higher risk of dropping out or deteriorating. Given this, it is surprising that so little has actually been accomplished in developing tools that are effective in measuring the client's perceptions of the therapeutic process and their being a part of that process.  Luckily for those mental healthcare providers, whose own goal is helping their clients achieve their goals, the two tools that have been placed on SAMHSA's National Registry of Evidence-based Practices and Programs (NREPP), i.e. tools that are SAMHSA approved client feedback tools, more than compensate for the limited work.

One of those tools is OQ Analyst. At the beginning of each therapy session, the OQ-45, a 45-item questionnaire, is administered via software that has been installed on the therapist's computer. The computer program then generates a report based upon the client's responses on the questionnaire that provides information about the therapeutic alliance as well as the client's current social adjustment and negative life events. The individual therapist can have all of this for $250 for a year.

The other SAMSHA NREPP feedback-informed treatment tool is MyOutcomes. Unlike the much lengthier OQ-45 that is administered at the beginning of the therapeutic session, MyOutcomes consists of two ultra-brief measures comprising of four scales each. The Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) is administered at the beginning of the session and within a minute can provide the therapist information about the client's perceptions about their family and social relationships as well as their sense of well-being since the last session. Towards the end of the session when this information would be most current, the Session Rating Scale (SRS) is administered and within a minute can provide the therapist with information about the client's perception of various aspects of the therapeutic alliance. Before the session is over, the therapist has the opportunity, if it is needed, to take steps to strengthen that relationship. Not only do the ORS and SRS rapidly provide feedback that the therapist can immediately use in the current session, but, since MyOutcomes is a web-based version of the Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS), it enables the therapist to compare their client's scores to normative measures; normative measures, it should be added, are based on well over a half million administrations of MyOutcomes. All of this and much more are available to individual therapists for only $204 per year.

OQ Analyst is good clinical tool that has the potential of helping the therapist's efficacy. For a fairly low yearly fee, the therapist can have all of the power of OQ Analyst.  For the discerning therapist, however, who is eager to claim the mantle of clinical effectiveness, there is nothing that can compare to MyOutcomes.  For a low fee that can easily fit anybody's budget, the clinically effective therapist can license MyOutcomes and have access to top technical support, customer support, practical knowledge (based on the latest theory and research findings) and much, much more.

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