Superhero Referrals – Therapist Marketing Tip #7

| November 15, 2012
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Our last therapist marketing tip pointed out you how you should consider adding a newsletter sign-up form to your website.  As this video reveals, you could gather numerous addresses but not immediately get new clients.

That is because efforts like building your email list should be considered a long-term marketing effort.  You need to continue to build your list and send out your newsletters regularly.  The newsletters should reinforce who you are and what you do.  Then, if someone off your list decides to look into therapy you should get a call.   Also sending a newsletter will help you stand out in the local market.  Here are two suggestions to further harness the power of a newsletter:

1)  Every so often, especially during slower times of the year, you include a time limited promotional deal in your newsletter, for example, a free 15-minute phone consultation.

2) Include a promotion for any seminars or special events you are holding.

Again all this is done with a view to gaining clients over the long term. However, as is pointed out in this video if you really want to draw in more clients in the short term you will have to get out and connect with referral sources. For some that is a challenging idea.  Find out a solution to the “fear of referral sources” in this video.

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