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ORS/SRS Forms – Too Simple to be Valid?

| June 8, 2014

Are ORS/SRS forms too brief and simple to be valid? The history of science adequately illustrates that whenever there is any shift in paradigms, there tends to be, for a variety of reasons, resistance to the change that the new paradigm heralds. One notable point of resistance focuses upon the new tools or the modification […]

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The client is always right… or are they?

| October 18, 2012

In a recent Psychology Today article that’s bound to stir up controversy, Dr. Ryan Howse suggests that clients themselves regularly sabotage and derail their own therapy¬†http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/in-therapy/201208/seven-mistakes-therapy-clients-make , leading to high drop-out rates.¬†Some of the common client “mistakes” highlighted by Howse include:

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Therapy: Three Sources of Healing Involvement

| October 12, 2012

Advancing Outcome Informed Therapy Video Series Video #4 of 6 (2:16 min.) The Three Sources of Healing Involvement Healing involvement is the high point of therapist development and the optimal factor in generating positive client outcomes. Research reveals that, when therapists are demonstrating a high degree of healing involvement in their sessions and regularly experiencing […]

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Worst Practices – Highly Annoying Therapists

| October 10, 2012

You've no doubt heard about the seven habits of highly effective people. Now it's time to learn about the 12 habits of highly annoying therapists, compliments of Dr. John Grohol, CEO and founder of Psych Central. His enumeration of the dirty dozen annoying bad habits of therapists includes: Showing up late for the appointment. Eating […]

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