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Ethics and Effectiveness in the Age of Social Distancing

| April 10, 2020

At a time when the need for your help is greater than ever, and you are already dealing with all the adjustments in your own life, the demand to switch to a phone or web based therapy setting can feel overwhelming. Dedicated FIT practitioners everywhere are questioning how to safely and responsibly work with clients, now […]

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Can a wheel draw in more clients? – Therapist Marketing Tip #1

| February 10, 2016

Drew McLellan wrote an excellent article called “Build your digital footprint in a hub and spoke model”. He suggests that every business needs a hub that all their online and offline content point back to. He explains how using a hub/spoke model will increase your visibility on the web. Studies show over 70% of people […]

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Is a video the best method to explain the benefits of Measuring Outcomes?

| April 27, 2015

Video will soon be 90% of Internet traffic. 1 Video is the most effective website initiative.2 Do you include video on your website?  Video is a very effective way to relay information about your practice and connect with visitors.  Many experts predict that video will continue to grow in popularity and sites that do not utilize […]

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Engage your website visitors immediately before they disappear! – Therapist Marketing Tip #3

| March 28, 2015

After describing how most visitors scan websites according to an “F” pattern, Therapist Marketing Tip #2 recommended taking advantage of this well-established behavior in the design and layout of your site. Does your current homepage defy or fail to capitalize on the “F” pattern? Are you considering a redesign as a result? If the answer […]

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Why you need an ‘F' to have an A+ website – Therapist Marketing Tip #2

| March 17, 2015

According to the latest research, more than 70 percent of people will go online to check out a prospective health-care practitioner before booking an appointment. What will these potential clients discover when they get to your site? Is it easy to navigate and helpful or is it difficult to navigate and uninformative? How people interact […]

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Marketing Tips for Therapists #10

| February 27, 2013

Building a Community Referral Network Effective marketing today is about building relationships and engaging communities. It’s about telling stories people want to hear, adding value through information sharing, and participating in open and honest conversations that motivate and energize people. Marketing in today’s economy are driven by conversations at a grassroots level and you can […]

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Therapist Marketing Tip #9: Creating Referrals for Therapists Who Work with Children

| February 21, 2013

It has been my observation that therapists who work with children grow their caseloads faster and receive more referrals. Why would that be? School Systems It seems it is much easier to find the younger clients because of the school systems. Once you establish a relationship with a couple of schools the referrals consistently come […]

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Therapist Referrals: Therapist Marketing Tip #8

| February 15, 2013

What tools are available to source therapist referrals in the short term? The internet has free or low cost directory listings for our industry which can produce short term gains if you take the time to use these. Did you know that 28 – 35% of people search online specifically for mental health information? Will […]

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Superhero Referrals – Therapist Marketing Tip #7

| November 15, 2012

Our last therapist marketing tip pointed out you how you should consider adding a newsletter sign-up form to your website.  As this video reveals, you could gather numerous addresses but not immediately get new clients. That is because efforts like building your email list should be considered a long-term marketing effort.  You need to continue […]

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Take your website to the next level – Therapist Marketing Tip #6

| October 25, 2012

Last week’s Therapist Marketing Tip #5 suggested you take an impartial look at the copy on your website.  If it doesn’t effectively connect and inform those who are visiting you may want to consider some changes. You could edit the content, to make it easier to read and more effective at answering the questions most […]

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