Improve Patient Outcomes with the Help of Technology

A lot of therapists making the shift to telemedicine have experienced a few hiccups along the way.

Online therapy itself is new and most clinicians have not had any proper training on how to translate their in-person work to a digital platform. Plus, the switch to technology platforms that seem too cumbersome to use, creates even further barriers to providing effective therapy. Who ever dreamed an essential part of a good therapy session would be the client’s ability to log on?

As therapist and client experiment with online therapy, feedback is essential to figuring out what is working, and how to fix what is not. To keep communication open and transparent I recommend setting aside dedicated time each session to discuss the transition, and what has and hasn’t felt supportive.

Without this, it can be difficult to truly gauge whether the patient is satisfied with the mental health services they have received. If they are dissatisfied, they are less likely to share this information with you, which jeopardizes their outcome.

MyOutcomes for Mental Well Being is a company that provides practitioners with software that allows patients to give feedback on a session-by-session basis.  Practitioners and patients can view this feedback immediately, allowing for adjustments to improve the therapeutic alliance and increase the likelihood of the client achieving clinically significant, reliable change from the psychotherapeutic treatment or program provided.

Improve patient outcomes with the help of technology

MyOutcomes is committed to helping those in the mental healthcare field improve patient outcomes and simplify outcome reporting, offering standardized therapy outcome measures ideal for both in-person and Telehealth sessions. MyOutcomes recently released Telehealth Solution promises to dramatically simplify the routine monitoring of treatment outcomes, making remote administration as simple and engaging as face-to-face.

Here is what some of your colleagues are saying about these new features:

“That’s exactly the feature I’ve been looking forward to. Other companies use direct access links all the time, I was wondering why MyOutcomes wasn’t providing that option.”

“Like it! Often clients would find the login and password via email as a bit clunky.”

“This is way faster since the virtual platform I use has a chat function, so rather than me copying and pasting the login information or the client having to refer back to their email, I like that they can just click a link that I send them.”

There are four new ways to collect outcome and session ratings from clients. Perfect for Telehealth or in person sessions where clients want to use their own device


  1. Send Access: It can be as simple as opening Give Access and clicking the button to send an email with access options to the client.
  2. Single Reminder: This option provides the opportunity to preselect a time and date to send an email with a customizable message to remind them to complete the scales and provide them with login access.
  3. Recurring Reminder: Clicking the Recurring Reminder button will open a page that now includes the custom message “ield option. Great for weekly group sessions.
  4. Direct Access Link: You can completely eliminate login issues by sharing the link in real time through your text or chat function. This link will enable the client to access their survey with one click.

To learn more read: MyOutcomes 2021 Telehealth Solution

‘I Didn’t See That Coming!’: How a Feedback System Transforms Therapy

myoutcomes evidence based therapy

An article by Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S., details the client feedback experiences of Dr. Jason Seidel, PsyD, founder and director of the Colorado Center for Clinical Excellence. Seidel has been using a client feedback system to inform his method of treatment in private practice since 2004. This, according to him, “involves routinely and most importantly formally soliciting feedback from clients about the process of therapy, working relationship (with the therapist) and overall well-being.”

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Free Resource Reveals the True Path to Better Results


Turns out it’s more than just a common quality of highly effective therapists, humility is actually a prerequisite!

Studies confirm “professional self-doubt” is not only a strong predictor of both alliance and outcome but actually a prerequisite for acquiring therapeutic expertise. Speaking specifically to the field of psychotherapy in, Humility: The paradoxical foundation for psychotherapy expertise, the authors, Hook, Watkins, Davis, and Owen , define humility as “valuing input from the other (or client) … and [a] willingness to engage in self-scrutiny.”

Does this sound like you?

We all profess humility and I know as an ethics bound professional that you already ask for feedback and have likely already encountered some negative feedback from a client. When you have received negative feedback about treatment progress or experienced a rupture in the therapeutic alliance, ask your self how ofter you were able to:

1: Fix the problem?

2: Learn from the feedback and apply it in future encounters?

Did you confidently answer yes, all the time to both questions, because this is the path your colleagues are taking to go from average to excellent. Only you know how far down this journey you have gone, or are willing to go, but what I do know is that both MyOutcomes® and The International Center for Clinical Excellence (ICCE) are dedicated to providing you with the tools and training you need to see noticeable improvements in treatment results.

Take the Path to Better Results

On January 15, 2021 MyOutcomes is releasing a new series of Better Results with Scott Miller Interviews. The series is full of stories and free practical advice and resources to help you develop a more feedback informed practice. This four-part Netflix style series can be binge watched in under two hours.

If you have participated in the past, then you know that besides free giveaways, MyOutcomes will also be including a great bonus package. The Get FIT Now bonus package will be available for the first 100 Mental Health Professionals who sign up between January 15th and 31st, 2021.

Without giving to much away, I have to tell you that the first 10 participants to sign up online for MyOutcomes or FIT eLearning will be receiving a free paperback copy of Better Results: Using Deliberate Practice to Improve Therapeutic Effectiveness! This step-by-step guide demonstrates how to collect and use client outcome data to create an individualized professional development plan and measure improvements in the quality of the service you provide.

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To make sure you don’t miss out, get on the wait list now: This free Feedback-Informed Treatment Webinar Series will only be available for download from Jan 15-31. More free resources and exclusive content will be revealed on the release date!

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Struggling to administer the ORS and SRS in remote sessions?

I do not know of any other time in modern history where the need for access to mental health care in the world has been greater and, with the constraints of mitigation, harder to access. It’s no wonder this year’s World Mental Health Day campaign is Move for mental health: let’s invest.

In the announcement, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization said, “We are already seeing the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on people’s mental well-being, and this is just the beginning. Unless we make serious commitments to scale up investment in mental health right now, the health, social and economic consequences will be far-reaching.”

For myself and the Team at MyOutcomes, the early months were very busy helping agencies and private practice therapists adjust to Social Distancing and Telehealth service delivery models.  We are all still adjusting and many Feedback-Informed Practitioners are still trying to use paper and pencil to receive client Outcome and Session Ratings.  Yes, it saves money, but it’s awkward and unfortunately many are reporting giving up on this important client engagement and quality improvement initiative. We understand that an annual subscription of $228.00 may not feel like a worthwhile investment, but if Therapists could only try out MyOutcomes with some of their clients they would find it is money well spent.

Plus, to help overcome the cost barrier that stops some professionals offering their clients access to the gold standard Outcome and Session Rating tool, I am pleased to announce that we are reducing the price of our online subscription from $228.00 to $199.00. That’s less than $20.00 a month, well worth it if it helps more clients help, more often.

I challenge all Behavioural and Mental Health professions to try it out for free for 2 months, no hidden fees, no strings. This is my Move for Mental Health: Let’s Invest Challenge! 

If you accept this challenge, we will also give you a one-on-one consult with Dr Karl Peuser on how to best utilize MyOutcomes 120 PCOMS assessment options and hundreds (lost count) of outcome and session reporting features.  Plus, a coaching session with a seasoned Feedback-Informed Treatment trainer (that’s me) for FREE. That’s our investment in you!

Curious? here are two new brief videos we just published. They can be sent to new clients to explain how to login to one of our secure web applications (US, CAN, INT) or download MyOutcomes App from Google Play or the App Store . The app offers a user interface in 8 different languages. MyOutcomes is used in 27 countries around the world to routinely monitor and improve therapy outcomes and treatment effectiveness.  It is normed for all ages, and with 20 language translations it works with diverse populations resulting in more meaningful reporting of treatment efficacy.

Are you ready to take me up on my Move for Mental Health: Lets Invest Challenge?

Visit and request a Free Trial or if you want to take up this challenge for your Team you may want to Request a Quote first to find out about addition cost savings and implementation support available during your pilot.

The Era of Average is Over!

outcomes system softwareAn RCT reporting reliable and clinically significant change instills a high degree of confidence in the results. So why does strictly adhering to a manualized EBP, with multiple published RCT’s in top tier journals, often fail to translate into even noticeable improvements in clinical settings? Experience suggests that the real world is more heterogeneous than the world imagined by RCTs and it can be confusing and disappointing when individuals you are trying to help fail to benefit.

MyOutcomes® is a response to these findings, offering a way to identify when treatment is and is not working with an individual person. Back in 2007, when MyOutcomes first began offering the convenience of digital administration and reporting treatment outcomes, we used a set of mathematic equations that plotted the expected treatment response or ETR of a client based on their Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) score. At the time is was cutting edge, few people were even measuring outcomes let alone trying to provide benchmarks for guiding clinical practice. For the first time therapists and clients had a simple and feasible way to compare outcomes from session to session to the ETR benchmark.

Originally, the ETR plotted the average progress of all clients, since then we have upgraded several times, today offering equations that provide benchmarks for comparing individual progress to both successful and unsuccessful treatment episodes. In MyOutcomes modeling system, predictions are made at the individual level, versus feedback delivered in the form of an Average ETR, providing a far more accurate assessment of reliable and clinically significant change at the individual client level. If your clients are all average than by all means use a Reliable Change Index, if they are not and your EBP has let you down too many times, consider adding a patient-centred measure of treatment effectiveness like MyOutcomes. If you have already been using MyOutcomes and are ready to raise your effectiveness to the next level; Improve your ability to engage, retain, and help a more diverse clientele then consider joining me this March in Chicago for the Advanced FIT Intensive. It will help you develop and sustain a lifelong, professional development plan.

MyOutcomes Latest Innovations Revealed

MyOutcomes VersionFor more than a decade, MyOutcomes® has consistently proven itself to be the natural partner of agencies, organizations, and clinicians seeking to use client feedback to track and improve treatment outcomes. Taking the responsibility of this alliance seriously, MyOutcomes® has remained at the for the front of technological and scientific advancements by working closely with leaders in the field and remaining responsive to the needs of our international client base. Our latest upgrades to the MyOutcomes line included new reporting features and more customization options, as well as enhancements to our EHR integration capabilities.

Upgrades to MyOutcomes® v18 include:

Two Big Advances in Dashboard Reporting– First, Printable Dashboard Reports- Once the Dashboard Report Parameters are selected just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the new Printable Report View. Second, for even more granular analysis of Dashboard Reports, all reports can now be exported to Excel. Go to the Dashboard tab, for each of the 4 report tabs on the Dashboard page, you can generate a report with data. On the bottom of the page, you can click on the Export to Excel link. You will then get an excel file that contains raw results.

More Export Stats Fields– Quality Assurance Managers and Researchers will appreciate the new Export Stats data that can now be export as raw scores: Client ID creation Date, Last ORS score & Last ORS Date.

Read-Only Access is here!- The Read-Only Access for Administrators & Supervisors is available on both the Administrator Home Page and Supervisor Home Page. If the read-only access is enabled- when the read-only Administrators or Supervisors login, they can create clients, couples, feedback sources, supervisors, providers, and client groups. The read-only administrators and supervisors will be unable to update or delete clients, couples, feedback sources, supervisors or client groups. In addition, they will be unable to perform an ORS or SRS on any client, skip any session, or update past session scores.

Custom ORS Feedback– You now have the option to hide the Feedback results page and create a custom message on the results page. It is an Owner level tool available under Options. When you enable Custom ORS Feedback, a text field box will appear. You can enter the message you would like to appear as the results page.

New Couple Functions– We have made it possible to separate the couple and do individual counselling. These functions also allow you to deactivate and reactivate individual couple members.

Transferring clients to a GSRS group just got easier– First create a Client Group and mark it as a GSRS group. Then, transfer a client whose survey type is set to Adult- to that new GSRS group. The client's survey type will be changed to Group automatically.

Hide “Remember Email” on Give Access- To hide the Give Access option to remember clients email, a new Owner tool has been added to Options. Simply click to enable Hide Remember Email on Give Access.

Hide SRS– Another new tool under Owner Options. You can chose to only administer the ORS. Just enable Hide SRS.

Latest Updates to MyOutcomes® Mobile include:

Forgot Password and User ID– Now you and your clients will be able to access Forgot Password and User ID from the MyOutcomes Mobile login page.

Skip Function is Here! The Skip Function has been added to the Home Page. Click on the button below the Skip tab. It will direct you to a page on Skipping a Session. You can choose to Skip ORS, Skip Both ORS and SRS, or Delete Last Session. The Lock ORS/SRS function only applies to the ‘Update Past Session” area of the site. It prevents providers from updating or skipping past sessions. It does not lock delete past session or login information.

Seven Languages– MyOutcomes Mobile now supports English, Spanish, French, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Chinese, and Italian languages.

What's New in MyOutcomes Web Services Version 18:

For more comprehensive data retrieval from MyOutcomes® to other systems, we have expanded our existing data pull functions to include:

Get Client Session Data– This function takes the user id as input and returns all client session data including total ORS and SRS scores, any data projection points plus all 4 ORS subscales and all 4 SRS subscale scores available under a given user id.

Get Client Session Data By Date– This function takes the start date, end date and user id as inputs and returns all client session data including total ORS and SRS scores, data projection points plus ORS/SRS subscale scores, available under that user id.

Get All Client Data– Like the existing GetClientData function – this new function will allow you to retrieve all ORS/SRS session data for a single client without having to supply a session number.

With its proven reliability and ease of use, it's no wonder that MyOutcomes®' web-based version of the Outcome Rating Scale and Session Rating Scale is emerging as today's must-have for providers of evidence-based mental and behavioral health services.

To learn more about the benefits MyOutcomes subscribers receive you can read the V18 User Guide, sign up for an Evaluation Account or book your free 30-minute Implementation Consultation now.



Which is More Expensive Cloud or On-Premise Purchased CRM

MyOutcomes: HIPAA compliant feedback system

MyOutcomes: cloud-based HIPAA compliant feedback system

….another reason why you should go with MyOutcomes.

Are you sold on the benefits of evidence-based treatment but are not sure whether to go with the conventional pen and paper forms or with the new generation online tools? And in case you are going for an online version, then which tool should you go with? Are you debating on whether to design your tool in-house or go with a SaaS (Software as a Service) provider?

Here is an attempt to quell all your doubts.

First things first, here are some of the main advantages an online evidence-based tool provides:

  • automation of the Partners for Change Outcomes Management System
  • simplified administration and scoring, eliminating papers and rulers
  • detailed reports and instant analysis of client's responses
  • at a glance identification of at risk cases

The answer to the second one is much easier as there is not much choice there. There are only two tools that have been placed on SAMHSA's National Registry of Evidence-based Practices and Programs (NREPP) and they are MyOutcomes and the OQ Analyst.  OQ Analyst is much lengthier ( 45 times) and is administered at the beginning of the therapeutic session whereas MyOutcomes consists of two ultra-brief measures comprising of four items each that are administered at the beginning and the end of each therapeutic session. In the time it takes for the average person to inhale and exhale twelve times, the therapist can administer either the ORS or SRS and have their client's score plotted on a graph for immediate integration into the therapeutic session.

Then there is this third option as well of designing your own online feedback tool in-house. Businesses think that it is better to have their own software, especially the ones used for housing client's data. They do it for multiple reasons among which the top ones are cost and security. But it has been substantiated in a study done by Yankee Group TCO that on-premise systems were shown to be more expensive to operate annually than their cloud-based counterparts, with the overall cost 60% higher on an annual basis.

Moreover, expertise wise as well, it is often better to go with someone who specializes in just creating the software so that you can focus on the core specialty of your business!

And with all the legislation and rules applicable for companies handling the client data, a cloud-based system is actually more secure than any server-based or paper system. In addition, these cloud-based systems comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and its sophisticated encryption requirements.

A cloud-based system also allows you to function efficiently from any device that has an internet connection, anywhere in the world. This feature is of much use for mental health practitioners as they need to use Personal Health Information to track and improve treatment outcomes and to compare client outcomes to normative standards.

So if you are ready to go the evidence-based way, then MyOutcomes is the cloud-based HIPAA compliant feedback system for you.

For more information, please visit or call us on toll-free 1-877-763-4775.

MyOutcomes Help Desk

To Seek or Not to Seek: Confronting Mental Health with a Mental Health Provider

Confronting mental health providerPeople, who could use support confronting their mental health needs, are often challenged in seeking that support. Two significant reasons why folks don't seek support for mental health issues are:

1) They believe they don't need help;

2) They tell themselves that they are who they are, and nothing can change that.

To overcome these two barriers, individuals need to recognize three things:

1) They've a psychological, emotional, or behavioral problem negatively impacting their life;

2) The problem is not permanent but can be changed;

3) What they're doing on their own isn't working and they need support. It is with this latter point that the psychotherapist enters the individual's life.

Psychotherapists aren't mechanics that fix things like broken bones. Instead, they're experts in change, whose core responsibility is guiding their client on their path to change. To understand what therapists do, we need to consider why individuals seek the support of therapists. Individuals, entering a clinical setting, want to become someone different. They want to become someone whose behavior, psychological state, or emotional state doesn't prevent them from experiencing what they believe should be a full and satisfying life. The therapist's role is not to determine what that life should look like. Instead, they're more like highly-trained guides, whose role is helping folk navigate successfully achieving their goals.

Although therapists are trained in graduate school to separate what they think is right from what is right for their patient, they are still human beings, filled with all the foibles that go with that. It isn't always easy to keep what you want separate, from what your patient wants. Often times, the clinician's effectiveness can benefit from a more objective viewpoint that can inform the therapist on how well they are identifying their clients' goals and their clients' progress. MyOutcomes, with its Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) and Session Rating Scale (SRS), is an evidence-based tool that has proven effectiveness in helping the clinician help their clients in achieving their therapeutic goals. Therapists, who are seeking to become more effective, are known to seek objective evidence into how well they and their client are progressing toward their client's goals. There is no more powerful tool for providing this evidence than MyOutcomes.

When an individual decides to seek a mental health provider, there are two things they should ask. First, is the therapist right for them? Deciding that a therapist isn't right isn't so much a rejection of the therapist as much as it is a recognition that they're a unique individual with specific needs. Second, does the therapist have an evidence-based practice or do they instead try to wing it, flying by the seat of their gut? If the therapist uses evidence to help their client achieve their therapeutic goals, that therapist will be using MyOutcomes.

What's New in MyOutcomes® Web Services Version 17.5?

MyOutcomes® Web Services Version 17.5

MyOutcomes® is excited to share great news on the new features available on the Web Services Version 17.5 accessible to MyOutcomes® clients and participating agencies and organizations.

If you are a current subscriber of MyOutcomes®, you are qualified to use the MyOutcomes® Integration Services designed to facilitate specific management areas in large agencies and organizations. For further development and efficiency of MyOutcomes® services, we are providing the following four services (Client Integration, Client Data Integration, User Integration, and Single Sign-On) which can easily be incorporated into existing Electronic Health Records (EHR) and other similar platforms that clients, agencies, and organizations utilize.

With the MyOutcomes® subscription, you can take advantage of the following four new features:

The first feature is Client Integration which is ideal for agencies with large amounts of clients being added and removed from their system.

This service simplified entering and updating client information in the user's EHR and in MyOutcomes® for maximum efficiency. Entering clients' information one by one will take providers an enormous amount of time but with the Client Integration service, personal client data entered into the organization's EHR can be easily transferred into the providers MyOutcomes® account with just one click of a button- saving time.  Client Integration service allows the provider to shift focus on administering sessions rather than entering personal client data one by one.

The second feature that agencies can use is the Client Data Integration which avails agencies to view client data and client reports in one place: their EHR and/or keep a copy of client data on their own server. Essentially, through this feature, there is an easier access and increased security on client data and reports. It can be customized to transfer data for individual clients as needed or to create bulk transfers at a preset time and date.

There is no need to log information in one by one on client data and report in order to be transferred among providers and organizations. With the Client Data Integration feature, transferring and sharing documents could not be any more easier. As a MyOutcomes® subscriber, you are able to take advantage of this feature!

The third feature that subscribers of MyOutcomes® are entitled to use is the User Integration feature which is ideal for agencies and organizations that have a large number of providers to manage and work with. When User Integration feature is combined with the Client Integration service, time investment of supervisors and administrators in their client and provider management is gradually reduced for overall efficiency and performance.

The fourth new feature of MyOutcomes® Web Services Version 17.5 is the Single Sign-On feature which gives agencies and organizations' users the feeling that they are working solely on one system. After logging into their EHR account, the users can access their MyOutcomes® account with just a single click and no more additional login steps. The Single Sign-On service can be used separately or combined with other services.

The Client Integration, Client Data Integration, User Integration, and Single Sign-On are the four new features that MyOutcomes® Web Services Version 17.5 added for clients, agencies, and organizations to conveniently access.

Please visit the MyOutcomes® website in collaboration with Streamline at for inquiries and further information on access or subscription to these new features and services. By filling out the form on the provided link, you are a step closer to accessing these new and efficient services!

How do I Engage in Psychotherapy Online?

Therapeutic Practice

Living in this constantly evolving world requires adaptation in digital technology for efficiency.

Using paper and pencil are long gone- they take enormous amount of time as opposed to working on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Keeping and utilizing piles of paper are now unnecessary and inefficient, as technology allows you to keep all your data and information in digital form. Essentially, as therapists, you can now review, search, and organize notes on therapeutic sessions electronically.

Paper and pencil allow you to keep track of an individual client case, but could only be efficient when used on one on one therapeutic session, whereas with digital form, you are able to track multiple client records and documentations online.

As therapists, consider the convenience of being able to access client cases digitally at any time, anywhere.

MyOutcomes is a highly effective tool to conveniently utilize in Psychotherapy online as it provides both clients and therapists the advantage of accessing electronic records through digital management system for feedback informed treatment and to track therapeutic progress.

Below are practical recommendations as to engaging in therapeutic practice online through MyOutcomes:


MyOutcomes system is a secure outcome management system that contains some of the same functions and security as an electronic health record. There are safety measures and protection built on the MyOutcomes system. Only clients or providers can login to the MyOutcomes App by providing identification and verification requirements to all the MyOutcomes system users. Clients can login by contacting their therapist/counselor for User ID and Password. Clinicians and Therapists without a MyOutcomes account can contact MyOutcomes to receive 2 months free access. To redeem the offer, please visit


MyOutcomes provides clients and therapists the privilege and opportunity to participate in online psychotherapy by accessing materials through MyOutcomes® Mobile available on a smartphone or tablet. MyOutcomes Mobile is available for free download on iTunes and Google Play. MyOutcomes Mobile has offline administration available, meaning the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) and the Session Rating Scale (SRS) can be completed on a smartphone or tablet offline and users can see still the raw sub scale and total scores for immediate integration into the session.


Clients can also receive an individual login to MyOutcomes® to enter their ORS and SRS feedback results directly into MyOutcomes. Therapists can administer the ORS and SRS and see results in real time for easy integration into the therapeutic session. Through the Provider Dashboard Therapists, they can also track client cases, and analyze clients' scores to determine whether clients are on or off-track in meeting their therapeutic goals. Therapists can also add notes from the therapeutic sessions to the client status report graph to add context to session scores.

Through MyOutcomes, engaging in Psychotherapy online becomes feasible and achievable.

If any questions/comments arise, please contact us at

We look forward to serving you!