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The Advantages of Electronic Records over Paper

| April 5, 2013

I'm often asked, “What are the advantages of electronic records versus paper records.” Electronic records are a practice management tool that can give healthcare providers the advantage of transparency and simplified  outcome reporting. Studies have shown that clinicians can become more effective by the management and analysis of data involved in the treatment process. The […]

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PCOMS — The Four Secrets of Success

| March 14, 2013

The Art and Science of Becoming a Better Therapist PART 5 (PCOMS) A webinar series by Dr. Barry Duncan Friday, March 22 at 1PM EST PART FIVE in “The Art and Science of Becoming a Better Therapist” webinar series. Dr. Duncan shares the secrets he has learned about how to successful implement the Partners For Change […]

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Feedback-Informed Treatment designated as an “Evidence-Based Practice”

| February 8, 2013

Feedback Informed Treatment has now become Feedback Informed Treatment EBP! FIT been added to SAMSHA's official database of evidence-based practices. SAMSHA's National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP) is a searchable online registry of mental health and substance abuse interventions that have been reviewed and rated by independent reviewers. The purpose of this registry […]

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Can patients really give honest feedback on the ORS and SRS Scales?

| January 23, 2013

One of the three most commonly asked questions about the ORS and SRS scales is “How can patients really give honest feedback to their therapists sitting right in front of them?” This question, like so many posed towards innovative tools like MyOutcomes, is really a question about reliability and validity. Though the question isn't very […]

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iPad Solves “The Clipboard Quandary”

| July 11, 2012

The clipboard is one of the most familiar, if old-fashioned, of health-care accessories. But with the current push to abandon paper processes in favour of more streamlined electronic solutions, they’re an obvious target for high-tech replacements. Ninety-eight percent of health-care professionals now use mobile devices to support personal and professional workflow, according to a recent […]

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Feedback-Informed Treatment: A New Meta-Analysis

| April 24, 2012

Scott Miller had an excellent article on his Top Performance Blog where he discusses the meta-analysis completed by Michael Lambert and Kenichi Shimokawa on Feedback-Informed Treatment (FIT) which will appear in the second edition of his book, Psychotherapy Relationships that Work (Oxford University Press). He points out these important results: In reviewing studies specific to the ORS and SRS, the […]

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MyOutcomes Version 10 Enhancement

| April 17, 2012

The latest release of MyOutcomes Software was released  The Add New Client screen has been enhanced and streamlined. The ORS/SRS Survey Language can be set for each individual Client. Clicking Finish will immediately add the Client record to MyOutcomes. Additional Feedback Sources must be added using the revised Right-Click Client menu. To learn more: MyOutcomes Quick […]

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