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Feedback Informed Treatment in Group Settings

| November 23, 2020

The heart of Feedback-Informed Treatment (FIT) is using information generated though routine monitoring of the therapeutic relationship and progress in treatment to adjust service delivery. With MyOutcomes® the standard Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) is used to measure progress reported by group members. To monitor the quality of the alliance, the Group Session Rating Scale (GSRS) […]

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Feedback-Informed Treatment in the Time of Corona

| May 15, 2020

The Better Results with Scott D. Miller Live Meet Up was held yesterday. Feedback-Informed Practitioners, from around the world, joined in to listen and participate in a discussion about Feedback-Informed Treatment and FIT Deliberate Practice. FIT Trainer and MyOutcomes Executive Director, Cindy Hansen was the host and moderator for this event. Scott D. Miller is […]

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Measuring the Therapeutic Alliance just got easier

| January 17, 2020

With the release of  V19, MyOutcomes has vastly increased the capacity of the PCOMS Measures to serve as a helpful cross-cutting outcome and alliance measure in settings with people with lots of different problems or who are seeing lots of different professionals. First, we have made it possible to edit, “The Therapist”s Approach is/is not a […]

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The Student Who Knew Too Much

| June 20, 2019

In the course of any day, I talk with dozens of our customers. It isn't uncommon for me to be asked about the benefits of our FIT eLearning program, especially in respect to introducing it into the already busy lives of graduate students and interns.

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Collecting Client Feedback from Your Phone

| February 27, 2019

Try our new MyOutcomes Mobile App, the perfect clinical tool to help you manage and support patient outcomes conveniently, securely. MyOutcomes Mobile brings a truly native experience to your mobile device, supporting both Android and Apple iOS. Every day, all over the world, providers of talk therapy services use MyOutcomes to measure session by session outcomes and […]

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I Can See Clearly From High Up On a Rocky Mountain Top

| October 6, 2018

How therapists can attain their summit by regularly taking client feedback The other day, I told my wife that the two most important things I learned in graduate school were: 1) how little I know; and that 2) I had doomed myself to a life of perpetual student-hood. Put another way, every time I reached […]

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Which is More Expensive Cloud or On-Premise Purchased CRM

| June 22, 2018

MyOutcomes: cloud-based HIPAA compliant feedback system ….another reason why you should go with MyOutcomes. Are you sold on the benefits of evidence-based treatment but are not sure whether to go with the conventional pen and paper forms or with the new generation online tools? And in case you are going for an online version, then […]

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TOMS, a simple Therapy Outcomes Management System

| January 19, 2017

The Therapy Outcomes Management System (TOMS) is a simple way for you to keep session notes and outcome data using the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) and the Session Rating Scale (SRS).  This app for iPad/iPhone/iPod is used to provide instant feedback on outcomes of counseling and therapy, client by client. Why the TOMS? It’s simple–research […]

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Using MyOutcomes® and Feedback Informed Treatment to create a culture of continuous performance improvement

| July 4, 2014

This webinar will help you use MyOutcomes to facilitate a culture of continuous performance improvement through Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT). Specifically you will learn how: MyOutcomes‘ session feedback signals facilitate therapist self-evaluation Data from the SRS and ORS can be used to inform and direct clinical supervision Analysis of data helps practitioners discover the qualities, personal […]

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MyOutcomes Sings the Client's Aria

| May 14, 2014

How can therapists determine when recovery is achieved? “It ain't over ‘til the fat lady sings” is an operatic reference to the rather large Valkyrie, Brunhilde, who, wearing her horned cap and holding her sword and shield, sings an aria signalling the end of a Wagnerian opera. In the English language, we have a number […]

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