The Calling

| October 13, 2013
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How to administer effective therapy?

Why does one become a therapist? Certainly it isn't for the wealth. Nor is it for the fame.

A friend of mine doesn't call her behavioral healthcare practice work; instead, she sees it as a “calling.” And that is probably the best word that captures the motivation for most therapists.

Setting aside all of the academic credentials, professional achievements and recognition by one's peers, at the root of everything, what drives you, a psychotherapist, first and last is the feeling that you were called to help others find their way out of darkness. Or, help others on their path to becoming a fully self-actualized person. It is for these reasons that you attend seminars, keep up with the literature and read books written by other successful therapists on implementing the latest techniques. You do all of this because you want your clients to have access to the most effective therapy available.

The only problem with all of this is that it is, under typical circumstances, extremely difficult to determine if you are providing effective therapy to your client. This is true irrespective of whether you are a highly successful therapist or you are still honing your skills. Thankfully, “typical circumstances” don't need to remain typical. Change is possible and change is in the air.

The client-directed, outcome-informed approach to psychotherapy is steadily becoming the typical circumstance in which the most successful therapists are finding themselves. Client-directed, outcome-informed psychotherapy emphasizes developing a partnership between the client and the therapist to determine and attain goals while regularly and objectively measuring how successful this partnership is in achieving those goals.

As the web-based expression of the Partners for Change Outcome Management System, MyOutcomes is the tool of choice for these same successful therapists. It is a therapy outcome measure that can quickly and easily measure the strength of the therapeutic alliance as well as measure early change; both of which are powerful predictors of successful outcomes. Even more importantly, its regular use facilitates the therapist and the client working together to achieve the client's goals.
MyOutcomes is and always will be the partner whose only purpose is to help you successfully pursue your calling.

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